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Struggling to memorize the human body? Learn with Cyber Anatomy 3D

Created March 22, 2015 by Cyber Anatomy Corp

The intricacy of the human body and memorizing its various parts can be a difficult task, which is why new SDN Partner Cyber Science is offering 20 students a free 90-day trial of Cyber Anatomy 3D.

Cyber Anatomy 3D brings the human body to life by providing students with a virtually interactive program for dissecting and exploring the human body. The program even has a quiz feature that allows users to test their knowledge of the various systems in the body. Other tools users can access allow them to manipulate the anatomy models with tools such as peel, label, rotate and more.

Modeled after Frank H. Netter’s meticulous anatomy illustrations, the Cyber Anatomy 3D program creates a 3D interactive environment for users to virtually explore the images found in Netter’s infamous, Atlas of Human Anatomy. With over 10,000 labels of structural and anatomical landmarks, pre-med, medical students and health professionals of all kinds can use Netter 3D Anatomy to learn about the human body.

Cyber Anatomy 3D was created by the makers of Cyber Science 3D, aims to enhance medical training all over the world. Several leading medicals schools such as Harvard, Cornell, Stanford and the University of Chicago already utilize this program to assist their students with learning anatomy.

For more information on how to access the free 90-day trial of Cyber Anatomy 3D, visit the Student Doctor Network Cyber-Anatomy Exhibition Forum. Comment in the forum with feedback on the product to let others know about the experience and to help make Cyber Anatomy 3D even better.

Cyber Anatomy Corp. (d/b/a Cyber Science 3D) develops award-winning immersive 3D software to assist students in learning and exploring many areas of science in primary, secondary, and post-secondary classrooms around the world. The Cyber products are Cyber Science 3D (K-12 Science Education), Cyber Anatomy 3D (Medical Education), and Cyber Physiology (Medical Education).   Available on the immersive zSpace system, 3D and Non-3D projectors, interactive whiteboards. For more information please visit our websites: or or call us at: 319-354-2555.

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