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Test Prep Week 2017

Created September 13, 2017 by Student Doctor Network

Student Doctor Network is pleased to announce that Test Prep Week 2017 will take place September 18-22, 2017.

SDN hosts this online exhibition to give you an opportunity to check out the products and services available from test prep companies, publishers, and application and admissions specialists. Many companies are also offering exclusive discounts to SDN members during the event.

This year’s Test Prep Week will also feature exclusive AMA threads hosted by test prep companies to answer your questions about various tests and test prep products.

Members who visit the Exhibition Forums and join in the discussion can enter to win free products and services from participating companies. If you are not already a member, now is the time to sign up!

Check this page throughout the week for the most up-to-date links and resources.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) Threads

Ask Me Anything about the MCAT – InGeniusPrep
Ask Me Anything (MCAT) – UWorld
Ask Me Anything You Like About Preparing for the MCAT – AdaptPrep
Ask Me Anything About the MCAT – MCAT Self Prep
Ask me anything about how to prep for the MCAT – Gold Standard MCAT Prep

Ask me anything about how to prep for the OAT – Gold Standard OAT

Ask me anything about how to prep for the DAT – Gold Standard DAT
Ask me anything (DAT) – DAT Destroyer

Ask Us Anything about preparing for the COMLEX and COMAT – COMQUEST


Check back throughout the week for links to new test prep articles as they are published.

Critical Reading: Building Analysis and Reasoning Skills with Confidence
4 Ways to Address a Low MCAT Score on Your AMCAS Application
How to Land the Residency You Want
5 Steps to Earning a 90th-Percentile MCAT Score


Sorted by test, this year’s Exhibitors include:


Apollo Audiobooks, LLC
Board Vitals*


Gold Standard*
Iowa State University, Dept of Biomedical Sciences
Kaplan Test Prep
Orgoman, LLC*


Tutor the People


Iowa State University, Dept of Biomedical Sciences


Altius Test Prep*†
Gold Standard*
Iowa State University, Dept of Biomedical Sciences
Kaplan Test Prep
MCAT Self Prep eCourse*
Next Step Test Prep*
Tutor the People*
Uworld MCAT


Board Vitals*


Board Vitals*


Gold Standard*
Iowa State University, Dept of Biomedical Sciences
Kaplan Test Prep
Orgoman, LLC*


Iowa State University, Dept of Biomedical Sciences
Kaplan Test Prep
Next Step Test Prep*

Reference Materials & Tools

Apollo Audiobooks, LLC
Next Step Test Prep


Apollo Audiobooks, LLC
Board Vitals*
Boards Boot Camp
Comquest Osteopathic Specialists, LLC*
Exam Guru*
Tutor the People

Board Review & CME for Medical Students

Apollo Audiobooks, LLC
Board Vitals*

Hands on Learning & Skill Practice
Iowa State University, Dept of Biomedical Sciences

Admissions Prep

Altius Test Prep
InGenius Prep
Insider Medical Admissions
Iowa State University, Dept of Biomedical Sciences
Tutor the People

* Exhibitor is hosting a raffle
† Exhibitor offering Test Prep Week discount

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