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Watch: AAMC Hosts 3rd Annual Virtual Medical School Fair

Created March 9, 2018 by AAMC Staff

On February 15, the AAMC hosted its third annual Virtual Fair where more than 9,000 students engaged with 65 medical schools from across the US and Canada, the Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP), pre-health advisors from the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP), and the AAMC. The fair also included four presentations that discussed the application process, holistic admissions, getting experience, and financial aid. These sessions included perspectives from admissions officers, pre-health advisors, as well as students.
We hope you were able to attend, get your questions answered, and learn about the medical school application process. If you were unable to attend the fair, don’t worry! While the medical schools won’t be available to chat after the fair has ended, the virtual exhibit hall is still open throughout March 2018 for you to visit each booth and explore the various programs. You can also download any materials you would like. To enter the exhibit hall, simply register for free!

Also, the four workshops have been recorded and are available now! Below you will find the descriptions for each of the sessions and the links to watch:

Beyond Shadowing: How to Get Unique Pre-Health Experience

Get concrete advice on how to find relevant leadership, research, volunteer, and other professional work opportunities to gain experience in the medical field. Hear from an experienced pre-health advisor, a summer program scholar, and a current medical student who will highlight a variety of pre-health experiences that can help you prepare for medical school.

Holistic Review: You’re More than a Number

This session includes information about how medical school admissions staff use the holistic review approach to assess applicants, guidance on how to overcome common imperfections on the AMCAS application (low grades in key coursework, low MCAT scores, minor criminal record, or having an expunged record), and details about the holistic review approach to reviewing the personal essay, interviews, letters of evaluations, and work experience.

Paying for Medical School: What Premeds Need to Know

You can afford medical school! Learn about the options available for financing your medical education and discover tips that will help you budget and prepare to pay for medical school. The AAMC’s Financial Information, Resources, Services, and Tools (FIRST) program can help you formulate a plan and obtain the tools and resources to become a better money manager.

AAMC’s Resources for Your Path to Medical School

The AAMC is here to help you throughout your journey to medical school. In this session, we will walk you through the various resources from the AAMC to help you as you prepare for and apply to medical school.

Whether you were able to attend this year’s Virtual Medical School Fair or not, we hope you are able to take advantage of these materials and resources. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the AAMC at any time!

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