How To Choose Your Testing Center

choosing your testing center

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Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Medical Spouse

We’re a few months into the new medical year and wherever your spouse is at … Read more

How to Improve Information Recall with a Memory Palace

memory palace

Welcome to the final part of our blog series exploring proven study strategies used by Osmosis to make learning medicine easier for students. (See earlier posts in the series to learn about spaced repetition and test-enhanced learning.) Today we’re looking at the memory palace and how Osmosis applies technique to make it even more impactful for learners.

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Gain a Deeper Understanding with the Power of Test-Enhanced Learning

Welcome to part two of our blog series in which we share proven learning strategies behind the Osmosis platform that help students learn medicine more effectively. (Read about spaced repetition and memory palaces in parts 1 and 3 of the series!)

Today, we’re going to explore test-enhanced learning, the act of testing yourself to improve your knowledge of a given subject. This study technique is discussed throughout our new textbook, How to Learn in the Health Professions, as well as in our video series on the science of learning.

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How to Create and Live On A Student Budget

student budget

It’s a fact of life: you need money to pay expenses that allow you to live comfortably. When you’re attending school, you may use your financial aid as your “income” and, therefore, you will want to manage that money wisely. The less money you borrow now, the less money you will need to repay—including interest—after graduation. 

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How Spaced Repetition Enhances Learning

spaced repetition

One of the biggest challenges of learning medicine is the sheer amount of information students are expected to process and understand. By the time most students take the USMLE Step 1 exam, they will have attempted to memorize the contents of huge books like First Aid—an 800-page behemoth of high-yield pathology—as well as endless information from their course slides and other lecture notes.

(Don’t miss parts 2 and 3 in the series to learn about test-enhanced learning and memory palaces.)

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Handling Sexual Harassment as a Medical Student

sexual harassment as a medical student

Changing dressings on diabetic ulcers is not particularly pleasant. The oozing, the meticulousness of laying down protective layers, and the smell make the task less than ideal for even the strongest stomach. There I was as a 3rd year medical student, working with the resident team for well over an hour assembling the dressings on the patient’s legs to apply a wound vac. To make matters even worse and more uncomfortable, the patient continued to make sexual remarks about me. I kept quiet and finished the job with the rest of the team. In fact, even when we were done, no one mentioned the inappropriateness of the patient. It just went unsaid that this is something that is encountered frequently, and I continued to see the same patient on daily rounds.

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Impostor Phenomenon: What To Do When You Feel Like A Fraud

impostor phenomenon

Updated July 29, 2021. The article was updated to correct minor grammatical and formatting errors. … Read more

5 Rules for Protecting Your Family’s Financial Future, Part I

Medical Spouse

Medical training is a significant investment for both you and your spouse. It’s an investment … Read more

You, The Doctor’s Spouse

Medical Spouse

Welcome to the new you—“The Doctor’s Spouse.” Yes, you have had your own identity up until this point, but now you are not only a Mrs. or Mr., you’re a Doctor’s Mrs. or Mr. Once people discover this about you, whether it’s intentional or not, their perspective and assumptions of you will change.

Some spouses won’t mind this change and will embrace it. Other spouses may initially feel uncomfortable and judged. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, I invite you to acknowledge this new role you have (whether it’s welcome or not!) and prepare yourself to navigate the world under this umbrella. You can use this situation to discover more about what you really want for yourself and your family and then create an authentic life based on your values, priorities, and desires, not on society’s expectations of a doctor’s family. How? Let’s dive in!

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