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Interview Feedback

Individual Response

  • Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine
  • Allopathic Medical School
  • Hanover
Overall Experience

How did the interview impress you?


What was the stress level of the interview?

8 out of 10

How you think you did?

7 out of 10


How long was the interview?

30 minutes

Where did the interview take place?

At the school

How many people interviewed you?


What was the style of the interview?


What type of interview was it?

Open file

What is one of the specific questions they asked you (question 1)?

"What is the healthcare system like in the community you grew up in?" Report Response

What is one of the specific questions they asked you (question 2)?

"Why Dartmouth (asked several times)" Report Response

What is one of the specific questions they asked you (question 3)?

"Do you have any reservations about living in a rural setting?" Report Response

What was the most interesting question?

"What makes you happy? " Report Response

How did you prepare for the interview?

"SDN, reviewing my research, reading up on the healthcare system." Report Response

What impressed you positively?

"Everybody is so happy, the school is nice and clean, the town beautiful - coming from inner city America it was almost surreal." Report Response

What impressed you negatively?

"It's in the middle of nowhere!!!" Report Response

What did you wish you had known ahead of time?

"One of my interviewers was an @*!" Report Response

What are your general comments?

"The day began at 9:00 a.m. with orientation followed by a tour of the medical center and a complimentary lunch. Then there were two 30 minute interviews followed by a quick campus tour. The two interviews are equally weighted. I was interviewed by a 2nd year medical school student and a Ph.D. medical school and undergrad lecturer. The interview with the medical school student went well (she even said so) but the other interview was a disaster. It was awkward and only lasted 15 minutes instead of 30 because he could not think of anything else to ask me and it seemed he wanted to get back to his computer. " Report Response

Tour and Travel

Who was the tour given by?


General Info

On what date did the interview take place?


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