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Could I get into Optometry school without a bachelor's degree?


You would need to check the admissions requirements for the optometry schools that interest you and then contact them. I suspect that while a bachelor's degree is not required, the vast majority of your competition will be finishing up with a bachelor's degree or better by the time you ultimately matriculate. That said, all you can do is ask.

Attending optometry school but applying to dental school?

I have been accepted to and will be attending optometry school this fall. However, dental school has always been my first choice, and optometry school like my plan B. I've shadowed and worked settings with both professions, and I chose optometry as a backup because I've applied three cycles to dental school and failed to get in. My last cycle I got two interviews, but no acceptances.

I can see myself being an optometrist but I still can't help but think about dentistry, hence why I'd like to apply again. So the plan now is that I will start optometry school and drop an application for this cycle. Should I be fortunate enough to get in I will then drop optometry school for dental school.

My biggest question now is whether or not I need to disclose the fact I'll be attending optometry school in my dental application and whether this will be frowned upon. Should I be honest from the get-go or is this not a big deal since people do make a switch from different fields.


Most dental schools will not be happy taking someone who started a different professional school program but then switched over without graduating. You are obliged to be as honest as you can because ultimately your ability to secure loans for your dental school education knowing that you have already incurred optometry school debt is going to be an issue.

Can I get into optometry school?

I am a senior with an overall gpa of 3.15 and wanted to apply for optometry school this summer. Also planning to start studying for the oats and give it in the summer but not sure if my gpa is good enough for this school? Is there any easy optometry schools i can get into?


While there are about 20 optometry schools, you are deluding yourself if you believe there are "easy optometry schools" for admission. You need to network and ask questions to current students and admissions administrators to get a sense if your GPA is going to be looked at in more detail than just the overall GPA. You could also read up on the admissions statistics to get a sense of what schools will likely be a good fit for you.

How do the 3+4 optometry programs in the US work?

Hi, I'm going to be a senior in a high school in New York. I was wondering if all optometry joint programs (3+4) require you to be the top 7 or top 6 students in your undergrad college (at the end of the 3 years) in order to gain admission into the affiliated optometry schools. Are there joint optometry programs where you gain direct entrance into the optometry school as long as you get into the undergrad college as well as the program and fulfill all the requirements and maintain high grades and not have to be the one of the top 6 or 7 in your undergrad class to get into the optometry school?


In general, you would need to talk to the undergraduate admissions office about entry into those programs. Usually you have to be accepted first to the undergraduate program but your participation in the 3+4 program can differ. How you describe it though seems to be generally accurate though I'm not sure if you have to be in the top 6 to 10 people in your undergraduate cohort to transition.

Optometry school - what are the pre-reqs?

Are they the same as for medical school or is there anything special?


Prerequisites for optometry school can be found on the OptomCAS website: http://www.optomcas.org/information-about-schools-colleges/school-college-prerequisites.