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Below are some frequently asked questions that have been answered by SDN Physical Therapy experts.

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Is there a way to save letters of recommendation from this year to use when applying next year?

I applied to PT schools this year and got letters of recommendation with teachers and PTs that I had recently worked with. I want to use the same letters next year but do not want to hassle them to re-write them a year from now. Is there a way to save the letters they wrote this year to put them back on PTCAS when I reapply for this upcoming round?

Thank you!


Most applicants will use Interfolio to bank the letters of evaluation if you have to use them for a future application.

Full sleeve/veteran

I have a full sleeve tattoo, and i was wondering how that may effect my career as a DPT. I was also wondering if anyone know any benefit of being a veteran in this career field. Thank you.


I can't imagine that being a veteran would be a negative in this career field or any other. As for the full-sleeve tattoo, I would hope it's professional and not offensive in any way, but I don't know if it would otherwise be a problem.

Commuting to school

The school that I chose to attend for my DPT is about between a 35-40 minute commute to where I would live so that my boyfriend and I won't have to do a long distance relationship. The place we would move to would be in the middle of where I would attend school and where he works. Would this 35-40 minute commute be too much time in order to be successful in PT school?


Though it is not pleasant, the short answer is no -- you can do the long commute if you prioritize things and stay organized. 30-45 min in the car every day, 60+ min round trip is a LOT and it will get tiresome, but it depends on how much you tolerate driving. You can even do some studying or relaxation (podcasting) in the car. There are plenty of people who commute to work that distance every day for years. You can probably stomach 2-3 years.