Monday, December 11, 2006

Muscle Energy Techniques with DVD-ROM (Paperback)

MET is a comprehensive manual therapy system for evaluating and treating joint restrictions of the spine (segmental and intervertebral dysfunctions), rib cage(restricted respiratory motions, dislocations, intraosseous deformities of the ribs), pelvis (sacroiliac, inter-innominate restrictions and dislocations), and extremities (joint restrictions and impairments of muscle length and strength). When you put together all of the elements of somatic dysfunction that MET addresses, there are few manual therapy systems that are as comprehensive and prepared to address structural musculoskeletal dysfunctions and impairments as MET. Possibly because of the name, Muscle Energy has often been misperceived as solely a treatment modality for “tight” muscles. Far too often, MET treatment techniques have been taught without sufficient reference to MET’s distinctive diagnostic algorithms. MET is more than a method of treatment or therapy; it is also a biomechanics-based analytic diagnostic system, using precise physical diagnosis evaluation procedures designed to identify and quantify articular (i.e., joint) range-of-motion restriction. Once we have performed the initial assessment and the articular restrictions have been identified, and the rational sequence for treatment for these restrictions considered, the treatment part of MET can commence. In terms of treatment, “Muscle Energy Technique is a system of manual therapy for the treatment of movement impairments that combines the precision of passive mobilization with the effectiveness, safety, and specificity of reeducation therapies and therapeutic exercise. The therapist localizes and controls the procedures, while the patient provides the corrective forces and energies for the treatment as instructed by the therapist. … MET focuses on joint range-of-motion limitation, and uses light (generally grams or ounces) to moderate force muscular contractions precisely controlled to affect a specific joint, to restore normal joint motion.” (see The Muscle Energy Manual) Since it was originally developed over 45 years ago, MET is now part of the curricula at all of the Osteopathic colleges and physical therapy programs, and is practiced by many Osteopaths, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other manual therapists world-wide.

This comprehensive text describes the basis and practice of Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), a widely recognized approach to treating musculoskeletal dysfunction. It describes those manipulative techniques in which a patient, on request, actively uses his or her muscles from a controlled position in a specific direction against a distinct counterforce applied by the practitioner. These techniques are combined from methods used in physical therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and manual medicine. A companion DVD-ROM includes video clips demonstrating the application of techniques.


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