Monday, June 12, 2006

Osteopath, United Kingdom and Pain

What is Pain?
Pain is a warning signal that something is wrong. It is the body's natural defence mechanism to alert you to a problem but also it is there to stop you. Look upon it as a red traffic light.

We can diagnose the cause of pain and can do a great deal to help reduce the level of your pain and suffering.

But what directly causes pain? More often than not it is the result of localised swelling of tissue which creates pressure on nerves.

Why an Osteopath?
At the Clinic we can help to reduce inflamed tissues by a number of methods ranging from massage of soft tissues, manipulation ultra-sound and TENS.

This helps to reduce muscle spasm and increase mobility, helping to create a normal anatomical environment in which damaged tissues can heal.

Much long-term, chronic pain is caused by degenerative changes to the body's framework. Nobody can reverse the changes which have taken place. However, osteopathic treatment using gentle, manual techniques on joints, muscles and ligaments may often ease pain, reduce swelling and improve the mobility and range of joint movement.

Britain's 2600 osteopaths are handy people to know, as their 5,000,000 patients a year would agree. Pain control is an important part of treatment and osteopaths give guidance on simple self-help methods to use at home.

Your Pain

Low Back Pain Rheumatic Pain Leg Pain
Neck Pain Pain From Injury Sports Injury
Headaches Arthritic Pain Period Pain
Joint Pain Join Stiffness

The skilled techniques of our Clinic can allow you a speedy return to normal activity. Treatment is aimed to reduce pain, discomfort and allow relief from your symptoms. There are times when it is wise for you to take medication as well as receiving osteopathic treatment. We frequently work in close co-operation with your doctor.


Osteopaths are skilled health professionals
Osteopaths deal with pain every day
UK osteopaths treat 5 million people every year who are suffering from pain
Osteopaths can help you both with treatment and self help
Osteopaths treat acute pain
Osteopaths treat chronic pain


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