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Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment: Osteopathic Case Studies Now Present


Here are a few quick scenarios which depict why OMT really works. Believe me, once you try it from a skilled physician, you will believe in it!

You can DO it!!!!!!


Julia Young, Osteopath comments, ‘In the run up to Christmas I often see people who are suffering from Christmas shopping stress or injuries from carrying too much shopping; people falling when putting up decorations and those that over-do the house work. Post Christmas there are always a few ‘lifting the turkey’ or ‘playing Twister’ injuries and finally, people who have relaxed over the holiday and then start back to work or the gym but cease up because they are out of the habit.

Osteopaths seek to treat the cause as well as the symptom of pain and following a four year degree we are in a great position to give advice as well as provide treatment.'


James Ball – Epilepsy

Born July 2005 James Ball was first diagnosed with epilepsy in January 2006

Challenges: Never interacted or looked into his mothers’ eyes. The common thought was that his eyes were adrift
James was experiencing frequent epileptic seizures – up to 10 to 15 a day and was placed on medication that was gradually increased to halt the seizures. However, seizures would increase before the medication caught up.

Osteopathy: On the 16th June his grandparents suggested he was taken to see Hector Wells, an osteopath based in Banbury.
The day after his first osteopathic treatment James started moving his neck in his pram and started to focus his eyes to look at his parents. He became more inquisitive and from this point onwards, with regular osteopathic treatments, James’ fits have stopped altogether without an increase in medication (October 2006)

The consultants are now considering taking him off medication


Emily Savins – Hyperactivity

Born in 1997, Emily suffered from hyperactivity and learning difficulties from an early age

Her parents visited a local osteopath in 2004 and Emily started osteopathic treatment in 2004.
The benefits were immediate. Emily’s parents believe they can control Emily’s hyperactivity now through regular osteopathic treatment.
When Emily is treated Emily stops sleep walking, her eczema is better and she is more relaxed, is better company, mixes better, has more friends and is easier to live with


Emma Williams – Unhappy Baby

Emma was taken to see an osteopath at 8 weeks old as a last resort. She had been screaming from about 6pm till 11pm daily since birth and in previous weeks had got worse and was now screaming from about 11am till night as well as waking through the night every couple of hours. She was also constipated and only emptying her bowels every two or three days. She had had a fairly traumatic birth by emergency caesarean section after a 36 hour labour. Her parents had no experience of osteopathic treatment let alone cranial osteopathy for babies and were very sceptical but basically desperate. They had been given the osteopath’s details by the health visitor.

On examination, Emma appeared a normal, pretty baby but there was some tension at the top of her neck and also in her left hip and groin. This had probably been causing tummy aches, colic and headaches. Most babies stop crying immediately a release of tension following treatment is felt, however some resume crying through sensations of hunger stimulated by treatment or just from sheer indignation!

Emma was brought back after a week with wonderful reports of peace and sleeping through the night. The osteopath now sees Emma once or twice a year and she has been doing very well.


Sally (pseudonym) – Post Natal Depression

Sally suffered so badly from post natal depression that she was admitted into a psychiatric hospital.

Following very successful treatments from her osteopath she now feels that she can ‘talk about the pain and anguish’ she was suffering from. She is happy to be interviewed but needs her name to remain anonymous.


Mark’s Story - Tourettes
Aged 27

Mark is incredibly flexible and suffers from autism and tourettes – both are controlled with osteopathic treatment


Simon’s Story - Stress

40 years old

Following three treatments with an osteopath Simon was amazed at the difference with his attitude to life. He is far more relaxed, approachable, finds it easier to speak to people, is more tolerant and isn’t shouting at home. He says that he used to get pent up over the slightest of things but the osteopathic treatment (initially for his knee) has calmed him down completely. Apparently he hasn’t felt like this for 15 years (before his first child was born)
He is overwhelmed with the changes and says he has never felt so good


Pregnant Women (article available)

Back pain is common in pregnancy but not normal it usually occurs because the body is not adapting to the 'new pregnancy posture.' As many as 50-80 per cent of women have back pain in their pregnancy most of them are told there is nothing you can do just put up with it until you have your baby it will then go away. - This is unacceptable. We would say that up to 80% of women can be helped with a combination of osteopathic treatment, which will include hands on treatment, postural and exercise advice.


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