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Interview Feedback

Individual Response

  • Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences College of Osteopathic Medicine - KC
  • Osteopathic Medical School
  • Kansas City, MO
Overall Experience

How did the interview impress you?


What was the stress level of the interview?

7 out of 10


How long was the interview?

20 minutes

Where did the interview take place?

At the school

How many people interviewed you?


What was the style of the interview?


What type of interview was it?

Open file

What was the most interesting question?

"What are some of the problems you will experience while practicing medicine?" Report Response | I was asked this question too

What was the most difficult question?

"As someone who has come from the former Soviet Union can you compare and contrast their system of providing medicine with our system? " Report Response | I was asked this question too

How did you prepare for the interview?

"I read the college's catalog book and matterials on the college's website. I also practiced answering some of the most common interview questions." Report Response

What impressed you positively?

"The warmth of the faculty and students was unsurpassed by any other osteopathic school that I interwiewed at. I feel that the school will provide the support and encourgament throughout your years at their school. " Report Response

What impressed you negatively?

"The location in which the school was in was a bit dreary, maybe it was because of the weather. The location is very quiet and not too many people around;it seemed like you would be a little lonely at times." Report Response

What are your general comments?

"The interview experience was very good although I was very nervous at first. The questions asked of me were simply trying to probe my personality and who I really was as a human being. They were looking to see compassion and warmth, which is what the school is all about. They won the spirituality award in medicine twice for a reason." Report Response

Tour and Travel

Who was the tour given by?


General Info

On what date did the interview take place?


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