About SDN

SDN is a Nonprofit Organization

The Student Doctor Network was created in 1999 as a nonprofit service to help build a diverse doctor workforce.  We achieve our mission by providing free advising resources, tools, and peer-support forums to those who would otherwise not have access to advising services.  SDN is published by CRG, a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization.  Learn more about our history.

Our members have created one of the most active and supportive communities on the Internet, with many members making lifelong friendships. Many of our members started as undergraduates and are now practicing doctors in every field of medicine and healthcare.

With tens of thousands of active members and millions of posts, our members can answer practically any question you may have, from college through advanced practice.

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Committed to Serving Our Community

We are committed to serving our community of pre-health students, health professional students, and practicing doctors. Sponsorship and affiliate revenues fund development of new tools and resources. We provide all resources and tools for free (or at cost in the case of printed publications).

We invite you to review our Financial Transparency reports which detail our finances.

Reach the Largest Health and Pre-Health Student Community

SDN is a nonprofit web site that started as a grassroots effort at the University of Kansas in the mid-1990s. Since then, SDN has emerged as one of the most comprehensive and most useful peer support and advising resources on the Internet.

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