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SDN brings together thousands of current and future medical students into one community where you can share information, offer guidance, and provide encouragement to peers and those coming up behind you. Whether considering a gap year, struggling with the intensity of your classes, or navigating the Match, you can find someone who understands what you’re facing.
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Pre-medical, medical school, and physician (MD, DO)

MD vs. DO: What is the Difference?

DOs (osteopathic physicians) are the legal and professional equivalents of MDs (allopathic physicians). They practice in all areas of medicine and compete with MDs for residencies and in the job market. Learn more.

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SDN was practically part of daily life throughout premed and medical school. I liked being part of a community of people all struggling towards the same end.
SDN Member,
SDN was an invaluable tool for me in helping me get accepted to the program of my choice and it is still helpful to me even after my acceptance!
SDN Member,

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Pre-med students who want to successfully apply to medical school.

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