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How to Find a Financial Advisor (And...
Created December 11, 2017 by Monya De, MD MPH

Financial advisors and wealth managers are not just for rich people or for investing in llama futures and bitcoin loan sharks. Health professionals have... VIEW >

Bropocalypse 2017
Created December 8, 2017 by The Short Coat...

The national #MeToo conversation continues Dave found himself hosting with another group of women, so what better time to talk about #MeToo and the powerful... VIEW >

Helping Your Kids Connect With Their...
Created December 7, 2017 by Amy Rakowczyk

You’ve probably seen numerous articles discussing the medical marriage and what to expect during training. However, another aspect of medical life that often... VIEW >

Over a decade ago, I was seated in the emergency department with a colleague when I inquired about another one of our physician co-workers I'd not seen in a... VIEW >

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Not “Ours” Anymore: Sharing Our Doctor Spouses

Posted October 6, 2016 by Amy Rakowczyk

One thing is certain during medical school: your medical spouse is going to study and work a lot of hours. This is a necessary part of becoming a doctor. They... VIEW >

improve your CARS score

Six Tips to Help You Pass Your Shelf Exams

Posted September 21, 2016 by ExamGuru

The shelf exams are something many schools now require students to take and a significant part of third year clinical rotation grades. By preparing well in... VIEW >

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