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Your Pre-Med Clinical Experience Can...

Created January 20, 2017 by Short Coat Podcast

Medical school admissions committees look for clinical experiences on applications, so it behooves premeds to seek out ways to get into the clinic as a way of... VIEW >

Case of the Week: An unusual...

Created January 20, 2017 by Figure 1

A 15-year-old boy presents with rough, corrugated plaques on his hands, wrist, feet, and ankles. The presentation appeared shortly after birth and has worsened... VIEW >

Teaching Future Doctors About Addiction

Created January 19, 2017 by Natalie Jacewicz

Jonathan Goodman can recall most of the lectures he’s attended at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He can recite detailed instructions given more... VIEW >

The Value of Navigating Different EMR...

Created January 18, 2017 by MaryAnn Stolgitis

Electronic medical records were an inevitable advancement. Paper filing could only go so far, and EMRs allowed the healthcare industry to simplify and automate... VIEW >

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Is a Post-Bacc Program Right for Me? Seven Benefits to Consider

Posted October 13, 2016 by AAMC Staff

It’s important to remember that as you prepare for and apply to medical school, there isn’t one set path you must take. It's okay if your path takes... VIEW >

Advice for Interns on Night Float

Posted October 13, 2016 by SDN Members: ProfMD, dr zaius, tiedyeddog, & rigid

Earlier this year SDN member bob123451 was the lucky intern starting residency on night float covering multiple surgery services—vascular, general... VIEW >

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