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Student Doctor Network is an educational nonprofit created for students, by students that is dedicated to building a diverse doctor workforce.

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Helping Build a Diverse Doctor Workforce
SDN brings together thousands of current and future healthcare students and professionals into one community to share information, offer guidance, and provide encouragement.
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Student Doctor Network was founded by medical students and residents to address a lack of information on the application process.
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Short Coat Podcast

What About Choosing the Cheapest Medical School?

Given how much med school costs, isn’t it best to go for your cheapest option? A listener we’re calling Victor Von Stateschool called us at 347-SHORT-CT to continue the recent spate of listener questions about choosing a medical school. Sure, prestige is something to consider…and yes, perhaps moving away from home to broaden your horizons is a good idea…but what about just picking your cheapest option even when you have the stats to go elsewhere? MD/PhD students Sahaana Arumugam and Miranda Schene, and M2s Ananya Munjal and Nathen Spitz try to put it all together. Pro tip: you can actually pit schools’ offers against each other to lower your tuition!

Journey to Medicine

Why You Need To Check Those Boxes: Dr. Sophia Yen, Stanford Faculty and CEO/Co-Founder Pandia Health

"In this exciting episode, Dr. Sophia Yen, an adolescent medicine physician and CEO/Co-Founder of Pandia Health, describes the traditional path she followed throughout undergrad and medical school. From her experience, she offers insightful advice about useful positions and extracurriculars that are helpful for medical school admissions. Additionally, Dr. Yen details her passion and hope for pediatrics as well as her entrepreneurial spirit!

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The Short Coat Podcast

Choosing Your Clinical Education: Community Hospital or Academic Medical Center?

In this episode, M2s Nathen Spitz and Sahaana Arumugam, M3 Emma Barr, and MD/Ph.D. student Aline Sandouk reminisce about simpler Halloween times when the only thing to worry about was whether your costume would be on the sexy branch or the non-sexy branch of the decision tree. Emma gives us her thoughts on why it was a good idea to do her ‘core’ clinical clerkships (like Internal Medicine, Psych, and Peds) at community hospitals in Des Moines instead of at our academic medical center closer to home.

Journey to Medicine

The Power Of Consistency: Emily Trimm, Stanford MD/Ph.D Student

In this fantastic episode, Emily Trimm takes us through her journey, which began with a move from England to the United States when she was eleven years old. At first, Emily had a dream to become a veterinarian but during high school, her focus shifted when she volunteered as an EMT. Throughout undergrad, Emily continued her experience as an EMT, immersed herself in research, and studied physics. When the time came to apply to medical school, she focused solely on MD/Ph.D. programs and credits two simple things for her extraordinary success: authenticity and consistency. Emily also elaborates on cultivating other passions and activities such as her love for ballroom dancing as well as finding joy in what you pursue!

MS5 Podcast

Total Leadership with Lindsay Kuo

Dr. Lindsay Kuo talks to us about her journey training in both medicine and business, the four domains of leadership, and what makes an effective leader. Join us as we delve into Dr. Kuo's blog post titled "Personal Total Leadership" and discover what it means to better integrate all aspects of your life!

All Access: Med School Admissions

Episode 36: Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of CWRU

The Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine is our "sister" program at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. This conversation is with my colleague and friend, Dr. Christine Warren, Associate Dean for Admissions & Student Affairs.  CCLCM is a very unique pathway to a medical degree as it is a very research-focused program.