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For medical school admissions, package study of alternative medicine carefully Chrissa wrote in to say that she believes that complementary and alternative... VIEW >

What's the cause of this patient's...
Created December 15, 2017 by Figure 1

A 58-year-old male with a history of recurrent pleural effusions presents with worsening dyspnea and lower extremity edema. Examination reveals bilateral... VIEW >

How to Maximize Your Pre-Interview...
Created December 14, 2017 by AAMC Staff

One of the most exciting and nerve-wracking stages of the application process can be your medical school interview. On the one hand, receiving an invitation... VIEW >

Medical, +1 MORE

Plotting out your course of study in anticipation of any MCAT test date is difficult enough, but between November and the beginning of January, this task may... VIEW >

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Not “Ours” Anymore: Sharing Our Doctor Spouses

Posted October 6, 2016 by Amy Rakowczyk

One thing is certain during medical school: your medical spouse is going to study and work a lot of hours. This is a necessary part of becoming a doctor. They... VIEW >

improve your CARS score

Six Tips to Help You Pass Your Shelf Exams

Posted September 21, 2016 by ExamGuru

The shelf exams are something many schools now require students to take and a significant part of third year clinical rotation grades. By preparing well in... VIEW >

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