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Do You Recognize This Blistering...
Created February 23, 2018 by Figure 1

A 4-year-old boy with known G6PD deficiency is brought to the pediatrician by his mother with a blistering pruritic rash. On examination, numerous tense... VIEW >

[Dave had the flu on recording day, so we’re posting this awesome episode from the recent past.  Enjoy!] Dave found himself hosting with another group of... VIEW >

grey's anatomy

When did you first decide to become a physician? Why? I was a little late to the game, honestly—I only made up my mind a year after I had graduated college,... VIEW >

ahmed hakir
Q&A with Dr. Ahmed Hankir, Psychiatrist...
Created February 21, 2018 by Gloria Onwuneme

Dr. Ahmed Hankir MBChB PGCert (Psychiatry) PGCert (Epidemiology) is a specialty trainee in psychiatry in the National Health Service (UK), an Associate... VIEW >

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7 Tips For Finding A Job After Residency

Posted January 18, 2018 by Ryan Bucci

Each year, thousands of residents in their final year of residency have the daunting task of surfing through thousands of job openings, determining which state... VIEW >

Decision in a Sea of Dental Residencies

Posted January 24, 2018 by Colton Smith

Over the holidays, dental school students all over the nation put down the books, hung up the scrubs, and went home to spend time with family. Despite every... VIEW >

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