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Be prepared to answer the questions that each school is asking.  Interview Feedback is the original data bank of medical school interview questions.  The database has questions from every school, including one-on-one, group and MMI questions.

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Prepare for Medical School Interviews

We shed some light on one of the most intimidating parts of the medical school application process, the medical school interview.  We have compiled multiple questions and scenarios that a student may encounter.  The scenarios include one-on-one, group and multiple mini interviews (MMI). This video was created in partnership with Medical College of Georgia.

About Interview Feedback
This is a chance for you to write your honest opinions about experiences at your interviews completely anonymously. Make your mark and help other SDN members who will follow in your footsteps. If there was something that surprised you or if you want to mention something that other members should be ready for, let them know!

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Has a new school or residency program been added, or is there a name change or other update that the volunteer member team needs to make, please let them know.  Contact us.

Sincere thanks to all the members that have contributed to this nonprofit effort over the years.

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  • December 27, 2018
This was a great video, really insightful. I wish I had seen this beforehand. Speaking from personal experience, I completely botched my "Why do you want to study Medicine question." I started off answering, "Compassion, Integrity and Academic Attainment are three things that really speak aloud to me" and got interrupted from there and then interrupted again multiple times. She hated my answer/s, perhaps too rehearsed? And I just had no chance from there. I was butchered. Probably thought I wasn't answering the question when I was getting to it. Expecting my rejection letter in February. These interview processes are tough, and I'm a pretty social and chilled out guy. At least that's how I think of myself, and I'm sure my friends would think of me as. I just don't think that I did well in the medical interview which is just gutting.