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The 100 Day MCAT Study Schedule

New Nonprofit Service:

Try our free MCAT Study Schedule system,  Using a proprietary algorithm, StudySchedule customizes an training schedule specific to your needs.  It also adjusts on-the-fly if you skip a day or wish to adjust your training plan.  The 100 day MCAT schedule is available as a default selection, or you can customize to your needs. As with all SDN features, StudySchedule is free and user information is not used for marketing or shared with other organizations.

About the 100 Day MCAT Study Schedule

Using the 100 day MCAT Study Schedule, Nymeria went from 30th to 90th percentile on the MCAT.  Nymeria has been kind enough to provide the schedule free to all students.  The Nymeria schedule was developed using the proven SN2ed foundation and elements of the MCATJelly Study Plan.

Nymeria has written a detailed article describing the plan, please read it before starting!

Let’s get down to business, here’s what you need:

  1. Official Study Plan in PDF Format
  2. Official Study Plan in Word Format
  3. Additional details available on the Nymeria Study Schedule forums thread

History of the MCAT Study Schedule:

The SN2ed foundation was developed in 2009.  Over the years it has helped thousands of students maximize their MCAT scores.  When the MCAT format was changed in 2015, the SN2ed foundation needed to be modified.  Multiple students modified the original MCAT Study Schedule and created their own plans for the new MCAT.  Of those, two were the most popular on the SDN Forums, the MCATJelly Study Schedule and the Nymeria Study Schedule.

SDN recommends both schedules and many students have achieved excellent results using them.

Discuss MCAT Study Schedules:

Learn more about the schedules (or even recommend your own) at the SDN MCAT Discussion Forum.  The Student Doctor Network Forums are the most popular pre-medical and medical student forums.  The SDN Forums feature millions of posts and thousands of members.  SDN is a non-profit forum, helping students become doctors since 1999.

MCAT Study Schedule Disclaimer:

MCAT, The Medical College Admissions Test, is a registered trademark of the American Association of Medical Colleges which does not endorse this schedule or materials utilized in the schedule.  The study schedule, calendar and companion are published by the Student Doctor Network, Copyright 2011-2015 Coastal Research Group (CRG). Although specific preparation materials are utilized within the schedule, SDN does not officially endorse or recommend any specific preparation product.  All preparation products are selected solely by the author without input or support from sponsors or advertisers.

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