Quick Guide to SDN Resources

Founded in 1999 by students and doctors, the Student Doctor Network is a non-profit educational website dedicated to building a diverse doctor workforce.  We achieve our mission by providing free advising resources, tools, and peer-support forums to those who would otherwise not have access to advising services.  SDN is published by CRG, a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization.

When Student Doctor Network was founded, applying to health professional school was a challenge often undertaken alone. Without social media or a centralized resource to gather information, students were left to simply hope for the best.

At SDN, we work tirelessly to fulfill our mission by providing a wide range of free resources to help students succeed. This guide is intended to provide an overview of all the SDN resources you may find helpful in your journey.

Application Assistant: Students can enter their MCAT score, GPA, and race to view medical school admission likelihood based on historic AAMC data, as well as generate a list of schools where their qualifications are competitive.

Articles and InterviewsPublished every weekday, SDN articles cover topics ranging from application and study tips to specialty profiles, healthcare policy, and more. Articles are written by a wide variety of students and expert, and are reviewed by an Editorial Board of volunteer members for relevancy and accuracy. The Editorial Board welcomes submissions for consideration. Read more here.

Confidential Consult: Confidential Consult allows students to have their questions about undergrad planning, admissions, residency, interview preparation, research, and more answered confidentially by experts in their field of interest.

DDSApplicants: Hosting hundreds of profiles, this service allows past dental school applicants to share their experiences with current applicants to provide a guide of what to expect.

Dental Admissions GuideThis step-by-step guide is intended to help pre-dental students strengthen their application so that, with some hard work, they can be competitive at any dental school.

Essay Workshop 101A six-lesson course with supplemental articles, this course is designed to teach students about the different parts of the essay-writing process and help them to develop a strong, unique application essay.

Exhibition Forums: Vendors providing test prep, admissions prep, and career prep materials—including some offering exclusive discounts—interact directly with SDN members.

Forums: Through the SDN Forums, members are able to connect with thousands of like-minded students, residents, and health professionals to ask questions, discuss educational and career goals, and offer advice to those who come after them.

Glossary of Pre-Medical and Pre-Pharmacy TermsCommon terms, acronyms, and abbreviations pre-health students should know.

Interview Feedback and School Reviews: This large database contains details about interviews and student experiences from hundreds of health professional schools reported by students after their interviews or matriculation.

MDApplicants: A service allowing past medical school applicants to share their experiences with current applicants to provide a guide of what to expect as they apply to medical school.

Medical School Application Cost Calculator: There may be more expenses involved in applying to medical school than students anticipate. Applicants answer some quick questions about their plans and get an estimated total of the complete cost of the application process.

Rehabilitation Sciences Admissions Guides: Follow these step-by-step guides to plan your pre-heath education, prepare for the GRE, and put together your best possible application to physical therapy or occupational therapy school.

Scutwork.com: Residents and rotating medical students can leave anonymous reviews about residency programs to help future students.

How to Choose a Medical Specialty: Students can learn about different medical specialties and take an assessment quiz to find out which specialties best match their values and personality, based on the official residency selection resource by author Anita D. Taylor.

StudySchedule.org: Using a student’s test date, study availability, and test prep materials, StudySchedule uses computer AI to create a customized and adaptive study plan to help them succeed on the MCAT.