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SDN brings together thousands of current and future AuD, OTD, DPT, and SLP PhD students into one community where you can share information, offer guidance, and provide encouragement to peers and those coming up behind you. Whether considering a gap year, struggling with the intensity of your classes, or navigating your next career steps, you can find someone who understands what you’re facing.
By following this step-by-step guide and putting in some hard work, you can begin the PT school admissions process ready to succeed every step of the way.
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This step-by-step guide is intended to help you get into occupational therapy school by strengthening your application to be competitive anywhere.
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Have your questions about undergrad planning, admissions, interview prep, research, and more answered by experts.
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SDN was an invaluable tool for me in helping me get accepted to the program of my choice and it is still helpful to me even after my acceptance!
SDN Member,
I primarily use the forms page to connect with other Pre-OT students. It helps to fill in some gaps or answer some questions I have regarding OT school.
SDN Member,

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Students seeking admission to AuD, OTD, DPT, and SLP PhD programs.

Current AuD, OTD, DPT, and SLP PhD students seeking advice on rotations and residency decisions.

Current audiologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech-language pathologists who want to collaborate with colleagues.