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Interview Feedback

Individual Response

  • Thomas Jefferson University Sidney Kimmel Medical College
  • Allopathic Medical School
  • Philadelphia, PA
Overall Experience

How did the interview impress you?


What was the stress level of the interview?

2 out of 10


How long was the interview?

60+ minutes

Where did the interview take place?

At the school

How many people interviewed you?


What was the style of the interview?


What type of interview was it?

Open file

What is one of the specific questions they asked you (question 1)?

"Sorry i know this is no help. But i really don't think i was asked many direct questions. I talked, he talked, we kind of just chatted -- I of course tried to get in their why i want to be a doc, why jefferson, etc. " Report Response | I was asked this question too

What was the most interesting question?

"Tell me about your parents?" Report Response | I was asked this question too

What was the most difficult question?

"none really. It was a great experience. I loved the school and my interviewer was very low stress which was great b/c i felt as though i really got to communicate all the things I wanted him to know about me." Report Response | I was asked this question too

How did you prepare for the interview?

"read the online brochure, called one of the students they offered as contacts, read SDN, read current up on current health care issues " Report Response

What impressed you positively?

"how close a family Jefferson seemed to be even though it was a large school - People really seemed to both know and like each other. Dean Hershman had the uncanny ability to know just about everything abotu everyone who was interviewing that day. I felt like she was really looking at all of as people not just another round of applicants." Report Response

What impressed you negatively?

"parking stinks. but what can you do?" Report Response

What did you wish you had known ahead of time?

"That bringing a coat is a good idea ! It was chilly!" Report Response

What are your general comments?

"I had a great experience and hope they want me b/c i think it is a really good fit for what I want to do. If you are interviewing at Jeff don't be nervous just try to prepare what you really want to get across to yoru interviewer b/c you will probably have the chance." Report Response

Tour and Travel

Who was the tour given by?


General Info

On what date did the interview take place?


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