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Interview Feedback

Individual Response

  • Thomas Jefferson University Sidney Kimmel Medical College
  • Allopathic Medical School
  • Philadelphia, PA
Overall Experience

How did the interview impress you?


What was the stress level of the interview?

2 out of 10


How long was the interview?

45 minutes

Where did the interview take place?

At the school

How many people interviewed you?


What was the style of the interview?


What type of interview was it?

Open file

What was the most interesting question?

"More of a conversational interview (Dr. Fred Markham)" Report Response | I was asked this question too

What was the most difficult question?

"To explain some negative aspects of my application (i.e. - poor grades/performance at the undergrad level)" Report Response | I was asked this question too

How did you prepare for the interview?

"Read web site, reivewed my personal statement and post-secondary experiences, practiced mock-interviews with friends and family" Report Response

What impressed you positively?

"The interview day was set up to relax the applicants. There were so many speeches/tours/information sessions and lunch that by the time the interview rolled around at 2pm, I was very relaxed and outgoing with my interviewer. Also, everyone seemed to have a really possitive opinion of Jeff, the clinical facilities were impressive and their clinical reputation is impeccable" Report Response

What impressed you negatively?

"My student tour guide was not very good (A gum snapping, platform heel, ditsy type who showed us the pool and told us she did not go to class - though I'm sure you would even find people like this at Harvard. Kind of annoys me that she will share the MD degree with me someday. But hey, that's just one guy's opinion)" Report Response

What did you wish you had known ahead of time?

"Jeff has a new block schedule/organ systems curriculum. Also, they have done away with letter grades and gone to an honors/pass/fail system this year." Report Response

What are your general comments?

"Excellent! Great school! I hope I get in." Report Response

Tour and Travel

Who was the tour given by?


General Info

On what date did the interview take place?


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