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Individual Response

  • Howard University College of Medicine
  • Allopathic Medical School
  • Washington
Overall Experience

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How long was the interview?

35 minutes

Where did the interview take place?

At the school

What are your general comments?

"I just wanted to respond to some of the comments that were made earlier about the College of Medicine at Howard University. I was shocked by the negative passion that oozed out of some previous posts, but with due respect to everyone's views, I would like to share my experiences as a first year at Howard Med. It is true that the Board pass rate isn't as good as we would want it; and it is no lie that the neighborhood around the school is not the best in the nation. I am not even going to attempt to deny any of the allegations against the school, even though I believe that many of them are either stretched and twisted truths or outright fabrications. I am very surprised that nobody is talking about the positive observations that I have made since the commencement of my medical education at Howard Med. Besides the unique camaraderie that the students demonstrate, there is among the students, an atmosphere of non-competitiveness that is non-existent at many other medical schools. Where else would you find classmates that are willing to share their notes and resources with you? The majority of the faculty is very approachable, and will go beyond the call of duty to make sure that we understand the lecture materials. We have professors who would set up directed reviews before exams, invite us into their homes for group reviews, meet with us to clarify points (even on public holidays), and do everything within their abilities to make sure that we excel. We get state-of-the-art laptops with wireless access that make your home PC look archaic. These laptops are not only aesthetically appealing, they are useful academic tools that make effective studying possible around the clock (There's nothing like "the computer lab is closed, so I can't do my work”). We have a wonderful library, a study haven that is impressive by any standard. We are able to access all our lectures online, and all our lectures are audiotaped so that we can review them over and over until we understand their contents. To top it all, as freshmen, we've all had the opportunity to shadow practicing physicians in the specialties of our interest. I guess the point that I am trying to get across to anybody who cares to read this is that despite Howard's shortcomings that many have either clearly reiterated or exaggerated, there are a lot of positive things happening around here, and a majority of HUCM students will agree with me that we are excited about the quality of the education here. The Board scores are only going to get better and will be excellent in the nearest future (mark my words), the kinks in the new curriculum are to be expected and they are being worked out for the benefit of future classes. Every medical school has its problems, and Howard is not an exception, but I am certain that the quality of education at Howard will do more than just prepare you for the boards; it will prepare you for life. Ask those who have 95th percentiles on the boards in the current third year class. In the end, the medical school you go to won't determine how good of a doctor you are going to be in the future. The individual you are, and your ability to maximize the opportunities you have to become the best person and doctor that you can be, is going to supercede any curriculum-, location-, adminstrative-, USMLE scores-or aesthetic- related issues that you might have with any medical school. Please forward any questions to Julius Oni ([email protected]) " Report Response

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