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Interview Feedback

Individual Response

  • University of Louisville School of Dentistry
  • Dental School
  • Louisville
Overall Experience

How did the interview impress you?


What was the stress level of the interview?

4 out of 10


How long was the interview?

30 minutes

Where did the interview take place?

At the school

How many people interviewed you?


What was the style of the interview?


What type of interview was it?

Open file

What is one of the specific questions they asked you (question 1)?

"How did you decide that you wanted to become a dentist?" Report Response

What is one of the specific questions they asked you (question 2)?

"What do you do in your free time?" Report Response

What is one of the specific questions they asked you (question 3)?

"Have you been accepted anywhere?" Report Response

What was the most interesting question?

"What do you do in your free time" Report Response

What was the most difficult question?

"Have you been accepted to any other schools?" Report Response

How did you prepare for the interview?

"SDN, had lunch with a former student a month earlier, school's website." Report Response

What impressed you positively?

"The faculty, fellow students, in fact the whole school is behind you if you go there. Very family-like atmosphere. Sim-lab rocks. The hotel room that the school suggested was awesome. Great patient pool (it's in downtown Louisville). Cost of living is pretty cheap for a big city. The students said that the administration really listens to their concerns." Report Response

What impressed you negatively?

"Start school earlier than most, but it's just to ease you into the workload. The terms' length are flexible from year to year, so it makes it hard to plan anything outside of school (vacations, etc.). It's in downtown Louisville. " Report Response

What did you wish you had known ahead of time?

"You really need to apply early, if you are out-of-state, if you want a good chance of being accepted. " Report Response

What are your general comments?

"The best presentation that I got anywhere. I learned a lot about a dental career and financial aid. Not just a dentist factory. Great learning atmosphere. Students are very happy to be there. One interview with a student, whic was closed file and very relaxed. One interview with faculty, who just is trying to get a sense of your personality. A final exit interview where they kind of give you an idea where you stand. They might ask you if you have been accepted anywhere else. I got the impression that unless you really put forth that it is your first choice, you will get wait listed or put on the next-to-be-called list (which is better to be on, and your chances are very high to be accepted)." Report Response

Tour and Travel

Who was the tour given by?


General Info

On what date did the interview take place?


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