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Interview Feedback

Individual Response

  • University of Connecticut School of Medicine
  • Allopathic Medical School
  • Farmington
General Info

What graduating class are you in?


Are you pursuing any joint degrees (MD/PhD, MD/MPH, etc.)?


Are you considered in-state or out-of-state for tuition purposes?


What was your MCAT score?


What was your undergrad GPA?


What was your undergrad science GPA?


What was the zip code of your residence in high school?


What is your race/ethnic background?


Overall, how would you rate this medical program?

8 out of 10

What do you like most about this school?

"Small class (~90) but Pre-clinical years are combined with dental school (another 40 people). Clinical sites are nearby with varied patient population, including a VA. Lots of emphasis on clinical training, strong physical exam and history taking emphasis, even in pre-clinical years. 1/2 day per week of primary care clinic beginning in September of MS 1." Report Response

What do you like least about this school?

"The administration is a little bit aloof, sometimes hard to access." Report Response

What is the reputation of the school in the medical community?

7 out of 10

What is the reputation of the research that goes on at this school?

5 out of 10

Please provide any other general comments on your school

"I thought it was a great place to go to medical school: definitely teaches you the basics and there are lots of good learning opportunities at various clinical sites. My class's match list was very strong which I think reflects the school's ability to prepare us well for residency." Report Response

Cost/Financial Aid

Are fees/tuition expensive?

9 out of 10

How is the cost of living (rent, food, bills, etc.)?

8 out of 10

Are many institutional scholarships/grants available?

5 out of 10

Is institutional aid need-based or merit-based?



How is the curriculum structured?


How many courses are taken at a given time?


How long are you typically in class per day?

3-4 hours

How frequently do pre-clinical medical school activities have mandatory attendance?

"Didactic lectures are not mandatory, everything else is. The new curriculum is doing away with these lectures and just having all of that curriculum online" Report Response

Are courses recorded for medical students?

Video recording

How many days per week is anatomy lab?


How many students per cadaver?


How long (in months) do you have anatomy?

9 months

Is the curriculum lecture-centric or small-group centric?

7 out of 10

Are standardized patients used?


How much patient interaction is there in the pre-clinical years?

10 out of 10

Are syllabi provided for the student?


What books are necessary?

"Books are just recommended, most are freely accessible online through the library." Report Response

What books are unnecessary?

No Response

Is the curriculum designed to promote a specialty? If so, which specialty?

"No, it's fairly broad. Some specialties are poorly represented (ophtho, ENT, PM&R)." Report Response


Are faculty members very open to students during office hours?

10 out of 10

Are faculty members very available to students via email/message board?

10 out of 10

How is the instructional faculty during pre-clinical years?

"Most are PhD's and thus sometimes will teach stuff that is not "clinically relevant" which wastes everyone's time. But overall, the quality is solid." Report Response

How is the instructional faculty during clinical years?

"Strong across the board. Resident teaching is also pretty good." Report Response

Are there many opportunities to shadow/work with clinical faculty?

8 out of 10

Are the faculty willing to mentor students in regards to career guidance?

8 out of 10

What is the grading scale used during pre-clinical years?

"Pass/Fail" Report Response

What is the grading scale used during clinical years?

"Honors/Pass/Fail. Class is ranked in quartiles." Report Response

Is the class ranked?


Clinical Rotations

How are clinical rotations scheduled? What are the required rotations?

"Scheduled online all at the same time. MS 3: Neurology (3 wks), Inpatient pediatrics (3 wks) Outpatient Pediatrics (5 wks), Inpatient Medicine (6 wks), Outpatient medicine (5 wks), OB/GYN (6 wks), General Surgery (6 wks), Family Medicine (6 wks), Psychiatry (6 wks), elective (2 wks) MS 4: Emergency medicine (4 wks), ICU (4 wks), Sub-internship in pediatrics/family/internal/surgery (pick one, 4 wks), Radiology (2 wks), elective (4 months, can do up to 4 away rotations)" Report Response

Are the desired rotation sites easy to obtain?

6 out of 10

Is desired rotation order easy to obtain?

3 out of 10

Are the elective rotations easy to obtain?

10 out of 10

Is there substantial hands-on experience for medical students?

8 out of 10

Are the rotation sites conveniently accessible for medical students?

10 out of 10

What responsibility do med students have on the wards?

"Depends on the rotation obviously but I would say fairly broad. I felt like I had a decent amount of autonomy to see patients on my own, help guide management, call consults and speak to them directly, do procedures (arterial lines, ABGs, suturing, assisting in the OR, skin biopsies, others)." Report Response

What is the status/condition of the affiliated hospital(s)?

"Strong: although we are losing one to a new medical school." Report Response

How far are the clinical sites from the main campus?

7 out of 10

What is the typical patient population medical students work with?

"The Hartford area is one of the most disparate areas in the country with wealthy suburbs vs Hartford where the average income is ~19k/yr. So we see all sorts of patients. We also have an outpatient VA center." Report Response

Location & Housing

How do you feel about the location of the school?

6 out of 10

Do you feel safe on campus?

10 out of 10

How available and convenient is public transportation?

1 out of 10

Is a car necessary at any point during your education here?

All years

If a car is required for education, how available and convenient is the parking provided to students?

9 out of 10

Is on-campus housing available?


What is the quality of available on-campus housing?

5 out of 10

Please describe the on-campus housing if available (i.e., cost, type - studios, 1-br, 2-br, etc.)?

"There is no on-campus housing, but there are lots of apartments nearby. Avg rent with roommates is anywhere from $400-$700. Some students also live at home in the area as most of the students are in-state." Report Response

What percentage of your medical school classmates would you estimate live on campus, if on-campus housing is available?

No Response

Is nearby off-campus housing available?


How expensive is nearby off-campus housing?

7 out of 10

Social Environment

Do students do a lot of activities outside of school together?

8 out of 10

What do the students typically like to do in the area?

"West Hartford is nearby which has a great downtown with a decent selection of bars and restaurants. NYC and Boston are both under 2 hours away for weekends. CT is in a great spot where there are beaches during the summer and good skiing in VT 3 hours away in the winter. Lots of free time in pre-clinical years to do stuff." Report Response

How would you rank student involvement in extracurricular clubs?

6 out of 10

What is the range of extracurricular clubs available?

4 out of 10

Is the student body cooperative or competitive?

8 out of 10

Is the environment supportive for underrepresented minorities?

7 out of 10

Is the environment supportive for lesbian/gay/bisexual/transsexual students?

9 out of 10

Is the environment supportive for students with disabilities?

3 out of 10

Is the environment supportive for married students?

9 out of 10

Is the environment supportive for older/non-traditional students?

8 out of 10

Post Graduation

How do graduates from this school fare in residency and clinical practice?

"We matched plenty of students to top-tier programs (HSS for ortho, CHOP for peds, UCSF derm among highlights) if you go by doximity residency rankings." Report Response

Is this school known for producing physicians strong in a certain area? If so, which area?

No Response

What do you believe residency directors think about graduates from this program?

"Within New England and the mid-Atlantic states, pretty strong." Report Response

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