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Preventative Medicine - Aerospace

The three major specialty areas in preventive health are aerospace medicine, occupational medicine, and public health and general preventive medicine. Since April 2010 there has been a new educational pathway to Board Certification in this specialty called the Complementary Pathway. It is designed for the mid-career physician who wishes to make a career change into the practice of preventive medicine and achieve certification in one of its three specialty areas - Aerospace Medicine, Occupational Medicine or Public Health and General Preventive Medicine.

Aerospace medicine is a preventive medicine subspecialty whose practitioners focus on the science and art of aviation, space, and environmental medicine. Many people tend to associate this medical field with the military and space program.

Values & Personality Traits of Physicians in Preventative Medicine - Aerospace

// Comparison Summary //

Values Match

Specialists Value
  • Achievement
  • Creativity
  • Variety
  • Working with people
Specialists do not value
  • Feedback from others
  • Good income
  • Taking care of people
  • Working with my hands

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