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Emergency Medicine

The emergency medicine physician is defined by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEM) as one who is a specialist in breadth, whose training is focused on the acute and the life-threatening aspects of medical care, and who, by nature of his practice, is available when the patient needs him. The American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates defines the emergency medicine physician as the one who recognizes, evaluates, and cares for patients who are acutely ill or injured; administers, researches, and teaches emergency medical care; directs patients to follow-up care in or out of the hospital; provides emergency care, when requested, to hospitalized patients; and manages the emergency medical system for prehospital emergency care. The emergency physician functions both as the manager of the emergency department in a hospital and as the clinician most apt to first see the injured patient.

Values & Personality Traits of Physicians in Emergency Medicine

// Comparison Summary //

Values Match

Specialists Value
  • Good income
  • Independence
  • Sufficient time off
  • Variety
Specialists do not value
  • Achievement
  • Creativity
  • Feedback from others
  • Prestige
  • Security
  • Working with my hands

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