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Activity Finder » Shadowing Experience

Find Physician Shadowing Extracurricular Experiences

Find virtual shadowing extracurricular opportunities from nonprofit and for-profit services. Learn how to approach physicians and request a shadowing opportunity.

Nonprofit Virtual Shadowing Opportunities is a nonprofit organization providing virtual shadowing experiences, including completion certificates.

For-Profit Virtual Shadowing Opportunities

By participating in any of the for-profit shadowing sessions, you may be contacted further about their consulting services. Their inclusion on this list is for informational purposes and not an endorsement of their services.

Shadowing How-To

Here are detailed instructions to help you ask physicians for shadowing opportunities.

Contact Us to Add Your Program
If you would like to have your program or organization listed in Activity Finder, contact Health Professional Student Association. Reference Activity Finder and include your name, the program or organization that should be listed, and the link. Preference will be given to nonprofit organizations and programs.