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Medical School Application Cost Calculator


Everyone knows that attending medical school is expensive. But do you know how much it costs to APPLY to medical school?

Expenses in the application process include MCAT registration and test preparation, application preparation including fees for each school you apply to, fees for secondary applications, and interview clothes and travel. These costs add up quickly and can vary significantly depending on what schools you choose.

Student Doctor Network has created a calculator so you can accurately estimate what your expenses will be and identify places where you might be able to save money.

Answer these questions and we will generate a cost summary for you.

Estimated time to complete: 15 Mins

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How Much Does Applying to Medical School Cost?

The medical school application process foreshadows the rigors of your medical education, taking several years to finish: completing the required coursework with excellent grades, getting letters of recommendation, scoring well on the MCAT, applying to multiple schools, completing secondary applications, and traveling to interviews.

But applying isn’t just lengthy — it’s also expensive.

No matter what you do, you will spend a few thousand dollars in total to complete the application process. It adds up fast.

With careful planning, however, you can cover these costs.

We want you to be financially prepared for your application. Below, we’ve laid out a conservative estimate on the costs involved for each step of the medical school application process, as well as a grand total.

The Medical School Application Process... and Costs Involved

Taking the MCAT

First, you have to take the MCAT.

MCAT Registration

MCAT registration costs $320. If you register late — less than three weeks before the exam — that figure increases to $370.

You should also consider the costs of traveling to your testing location.

MCAT Preparation

MCAT preparation costs vary depending on the amount of money you’re willing to invest. At the low end, you have free options, such as Khan Academy videos. Additionally, you can find free practice tests all over the web.

On the other extreme, you could pay up to $8,250 for private tutoring and coaching from MedSchoolCoach.

The Complete Official MCAT Prep Bundle — offered by the AAMC — is your best compromise between price and content at $294.

Initial Application

Next up is the initial application. In terms of the application process, there are three types of medical schools.
● Allopathic Schools: These use the AMCAS application and grant an MD degree. The cost is a flat $170 fee and $40 per application, but you get one free school.
● Osteopathic Schools: These use the AACOMAS application and grant a DO degree. The cost is a flat $195 fee and $45 per application, but you get one free school.
● Texas Schools: Texas has its own medical school application, the TMDSAS. Texas medical schools are much cheaper to apply to, as you pay a one-time, flat $185 fee to apply to all schools.

Given the extreme competition for spots in medical degree programs, you should apply to a healthy selection of schools. The average number of schools to which candidates apply is about 15, according to the Princeton Review. Assuming you only apply to Allopathic schools outside of Texas, you will spend at least $730 ($170 + one free school + $40 per application for 14 schools).

Applicants in competitive states, as well as applicants with weak areas on their applications, will have to apply to more schools.

Fees don’t stop there. Here are some hidden costs to be aware of:
● CASPer test: Personality test required by some schools. $10 to take the test. $10 per score report you send.
● Committee letter: Your school may charge you to write a committee letter. Our calculator estimates that this will cost about $50 (but costs may vary).
● Letter collection: Some schools may require a letter collection service, which we estimate will cost about $20 (but costs may vary).
● MSAR: Viewing the AAMC’s Medical School Application Requirements to see medical school statistics will cost you $28 for a one-year subscription.
● Transcript Request Fee: Your current school may charge you to send transcripts to medical schools, usually around $10 per school.

It’s fair to assume that many schools will require a transcript and a CASPer test. For 15 schools, that comes to $160 total for CASPer tests and $150 for transcripts. Add a $50 committee letter and a $20 letter collection service, and you’re looking at about $370.

Secondary Applications

After the initial application, any medical schools that don’t reject you will invite you to complete their secondary application.

Some schools don’t charge anything for secondary applications. The ones that do may charge up to $135. Allopathic medical schools average about $83, while Osteopathic schools are a bit lower at $61 on average. Our calculator can tell you each school’s secondary application cost.

With that said, assuming you apply to 15 allopathic schools and get secondaries from each of them, you’ll pay a total of $1,215.

Interviews and Visits

Interviewing and visiting themselves don’t cost anything, but you do need proper attire and a means of transportation to each interview or visit.

Depending on the distance between you and the school, you could take a plane, train, bus, or car. You may be at the school for several days, so factor in expenses for meals and a night or two of accommodations.

Let’s assume you get three interviews. A fair estimate for travel expenses would be $350 per interview on average, meaning $1,050 total.

The Grand Total

All in all, your medical school application costs come to about $4,139 as a conservative estimate. You may spend more at each step, depending on your situation.

It’s vital that you start planning for this expense early, whether you save up for it yourself or apply for financial assistance.

Financial Aid Available

Both the AAMC and the AACOMAS offer fee assistance programs to help you afford your medical school application. The assistance you receive will be based on your total family income.

These programs have a limited amount of funds available. If you need financial assistance for your medical school application process, apply to these programs as early as possible.

AAMC Fee Assistance

The AAMC offers aid to those who would be unable to take the MCAT without financial assistance. Their Fee Assistance program reduces the MCAT registration cost to $130, provides you free MCAT prep materials, gives you a free subscription to the MSAR, waives the allopathic application fee, and lets you apply to up to 20 schools for free.

AACOM Fee Assistance

The AACOM Fee Assistance program waives the $195 AACOMAS application fee.

How to Use This Tool

Our medical school application cost calculator walks you step-by-step through the application process so you can accurately estimate your total expenses. From there, you can identify areas in which you can save.

To use the calculator, choose all options that apply to you on each screen. Once you’re done, you’ll see your grand total at the Cost Summary screen. From there, you can save your results for budgeting purposes or review your expenses and find ways to save.

Good luck on your application process. It’s long and expensive, but the work will be worth it when you have your acceptance letter in hand.