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All Questions & Responses

  • University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Medicine
  • Allopathic Medical School
  • Chapel Hill
Individual Feedback 5 3 Responses
The Basics

Overall, how satisfied are you with this program?

Response Avg # Responders
9.00 3

0 = Terrible, 10 = World Class

What do you like most?

"The professors and faculty will do whatever it takes for you to have a good experience and learn the material." | Report Response

"World class scientists teach preclinical courses. Opportunity to work with leaders in the field on clinical rotations. Great school reputation on residency interviews. Good choice for clinical and academic opportunities." | Report Response

"The plethora of opportunities that are available for everyone. Every kind of research available, ease of shadowing opportunities, student run health clinics among many other volunteer opportunities. The faculty really care about the students. They are so easy to approach and are determined to continually improve the school as is evidenced through their response to student feedback. We also get an opportunity to go out into our community early on in the first two years and later in years 3 and 4 we do rotations throughout all of NC." | Report Response

What do you like least?

"Parking on campus is not possible" | Report Response

"The curriculum is undergoing improvement after an overhaul. Not a huge issue. Clinical evaluations from residents during MS3 year are received late and often reflect feedback the resident has not shared with the student." | Report Response

"Parking is a hassle and we have this class first year called Medicine and Society which I find a waste of time, but i think it is very common throughout other medical schools as well." | Report Response

The Details

Does the student body seem cooperative or competitive?

Response Avg # Responders
8.67 3

0 = Competitive, 10 = Cooperative

Does the environment seem supportive for underrepresented minorities?

Response Avg # Responders
10.00 3

0 = Not at all, 10 = Very

Does the environment seem supportive for lesbian/gay/bisexual/transsexual students?

Response Avg # Responders
9.00 3

0 = Not at all, 10 = Very

Does the environment seem supportive for married students?

Response Avg # Responders
8.00 3

0 = Not at all, 10 = Very

Does the environment seem supportive for students with disabilities?

Response Avg # Responders
8.33 3

0 = Not at all, 10 = Very

Does the environment seem supportive for older/non-traditional students?

Response Avg # Responders
7.67 3

0 = Not at all, 10 = Very

Do you/did you feel well prepared for your board exams?

Response Avg # Responders
6.00 1

0 = Not at all, 10 = Very

How approachable are faculty members?

Response Avg # Responders
9.33 3

0 = Not at all, 10 = Very

What are the facilities and clinics like (old/new, well maintained, etc.)?

"old facilities, being torn down this year to put up new facilities" | Report Response

How do students from this program do after graduation - are they adequately prepared for practice?

"Yes, #1 in primary care because we spend so much time seeing patients" | Report Response

"95% of UNC seniors match within their top 3 residency choices." | Report Response

"Very can check out the match here" | Report Response

How do students from this program do in the Match?

"We match pretty well due to our primary care rank" | Report Response

Any other information you want to share?

"I could not be happier then I am here at UNC." | Report Response

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