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Interview Feedback

Individual Response

  • University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
  • Allopathic Medical School
  • Miami
The Basics

What was the zip code of your residence in high school?


Overall, how satisfied are you with this program?

1 out of 10

What do you like most?

"They take really great photos for ERAS. The Cuban coffee on campus is unbeatable." Report Response

What do you like least?

"Just about everything. Unhelpful administrators (who actually try to get in your way and prevent you from taking educational opportunities), first and second year were less helpful than having two years of free time, rude staff, poor education, really unintelligent and/or overworked people in positions to really screw up your education. And good luck if you don't speak Spanish." Report Response

The Details

Does the student body seem cooperative or competitive?

10 out of 10

Does the environment seem supportive for underrepresented minorities?

5 out of 10

Does the environment seem supportive for lesbian/gay/bisexual/transsexual students?

2 out of 10

Does the environment seem supportive for married students?

8 out of 10

Does the environment seem supportive for students with disabilities?

No Response

Does the environment seem supportive for older/non-traditional students?

2 out of 10

How approachable are faculty members?

1 out of 10

How do students from this program do after graduation - are they adequately prepared for practice?

"Surprisingly decently, considering how much the school makes every effort to hold us back." Report Response

What are rotations like?

No Response

Any other information you want to share?

"Such a disaster, please avoid if you have any sense at all. You have very little time to study for step 1 (<4 weeks), very little elective time in third year (with no ability to do aways), no assistance with research. The people who will be writing your letters of recommendation are generally poor English speakers. In short, if there is a way to screw you over, this school will try to do it. You can even get written up for being sick (and yes it will go in your dean's letter as some vague mention of "unprofessionalism"). Can't make this stuff up." Report Response

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