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Interview Feedback » Albany Medical College
Albany Medical College
Albany Medical College
  • Year founded: 1839
  • School Website: View Site >
Albany Medical College
Allopathic Medical School
Albany, NY
  • INTERVIEW FEEDBACK 5 274 Responses
  • SCHOOL REVIEWS 4 2 Responses



School Stats

  • Resident Tuition $57,723
  • Non - Resident Tuition $57,723
  • Application Fee $120
  • AVG MCAT 510
  • AVG GPA 3.7
  • LIZZYM Score 68.3
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Admissions Information

  • Office of Admissions
  • Mail Code 3
  • 47 New Scotland Avenue
  • Albany, NY 12208
  • United States

School Overview

Albany Medical College Fast Facts

Application Service
Situational Judgment

School Info

One of the nation's oldest private medical schools, AMC prides itself in offering an intimate, collegial environment which fosters humane values and genuine learning. The institution was founded in 1839 with an initial enrollment of 57 students. Despite the many changes and developments which have occurred over the years, the College still maintains a policy of limiting enrollment to a small group of carefully selected students -128 in each class.


The face of health care will be transformed over the next decade. Albany Medical College's faculty recognizes the demand that the new health care environment will place on practicing physicians. In response, the faculty has developed a curriculum that focuses on the principles of comprehensive care while teaching students to think and analyze information. This approach will prepare students to incorporate the multiple dimensions of care into a framework for diagnosis, prevention and treatment that will utilize an increasingly wide range of resources in an effective, efficient, and compassionate manner. The curriculum emphasizes wellness, prevention and patient education. The collaborative relationship between primary care physicians and specialists is stressed. Through-out the curriculum students will begin to understand healthcare from an individual, community, and societal point of view. Psychosocial and legal implications of health care are also addressed. The program for medical education is designed to provide each student with a foundation of knowledge and clinical skills essential for both graduate training and, ultimately, for assuming a challenging role in the health care delivery system. Utilizing a variety of educational formats, students are presented with the fundamental concepts upon which medical knowledge is founded, and they are trained to develop the cognitive, sensory and motor skills that serve as the basis of clinical problem-solving. The importance of life-long learning is also stressed.


The seven-story Medical Education Building contains four lecture halls with a combined capacity of about 700, as well as smaller conference-classrooms, student laboratories, faculty offices and research laboratories. This building connects to the five-story Neil Hellman Medical Research Building. The Hellman Building, which has 75,000 square feet of floor space, houses research quarters and equipment. This building also contains many additional teaching facilities, as well as faculty and administrative offices. To provide the breadth of clinical training required in modern medical education, a medical college must have available to its students a wide variety of clinical experiences. Albany Medical College provides extensive clinical experience through teaching affiliations with several nearby hospitals. In making such arrangements, it was recognized that the type of experience provided by a tertiary medical center hospital should be supplemented by the establishment of programs with neighboring primary and secondary care hospitals.

Interview Feedback

Interview Feedback

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Results Overview

How did the interview impress you?

Response # Responders
Positively 176
Negatively 44
No change 43

What was the stress level of the interview?

Response Avg # Responders
3.90 261

0 = low, 10 = high

How you think you did?

Response Avg # Responders
7.21 171

0 = low, 10 = high

Select Questions & Recent Responses

What are your suggestions for the admissions office?

"High" More from this Member | Report Response

"More outreach if possible" More from this Member | Report Response

"stop using webex and just use Zoom! Then, get a moderator to put people in the correct breakout room! It's 2021 not 1998" More from this Member | Report Response

"The admissions office was terrible to work with. Slow response and did not seem to care for its students." More from this Member | Report Response

"n/a" More from this Member | Report Response

"Stop doing MMI." More from this Member | Report Response

"Give a clearer idea of what kind of information/when we might receive regarding our application status post-interview" More from this Member | Report Response

"Better interview day presentation." More from this Member | Report Response

"Greet students when they come in instead of leaving them in the waiting area. Let students know if they will have 1 or 2 interviews." More from this Member | Report Response

"Have MD's conduct the interview. I do not understand why a PhD is questioning my abilities to succeed in medical school and in the future as a practicing physician when that person has neither gone through that type of training in order to fully understand the necessary qualities and/or practices in the field as a professional." More from this Member | Report Response

"I would be nice to know ahead of time if we have on eor two interviews. But thank you for the breakfast and coffee!" More from this Member | Report Response

"Very friendly and welcoming" More from this Member | Report Response

"None. I found everything to be excellent and well-organized." More from this Member | Report Response

"Very friendly and accommodating. Gets things done quickly." More from this Member | Report Response

"The guy who interviewed me had his license revoked by the state (Dr. Charles Kite - look it up)." More from this Member | Report Response

"Personally I thought the admissions office was great. They were really responsive to students, and g" More from this Member | Report Response

"Really great and very responsive-- no need for improvement" More from this Member | Report Response

"May be time for electronically printed correspondence; the old school ink stamps seem archaic." More from this Member | Report Response

"It would be really nice to have explicit directions and an address on the interview invite. There ar" More from this Member | Report Response

"You guys did a great job! Thanks for being so friendly to those of us there interviewing!" More from this Member | Report Response

"more info on the class size and more info on the folder" More from this Member | Report Response

"Uhh, send me an acceptance letter!" More from this Member | Report Response

"More information in the admissions folder would be great. But the admissions office staff is wonder" More from this Member | Report Response

"I think the interviewers need to take a step back and get to know the applicants, not just test them" More from this Member | Report Response

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Individual Responses

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School Reviews

School Reviews

Results Overview

Overall, how satisfied are you with this program?

Response Avg # Responders
7.00 3

0 = Terrible, 10 = World Class

What do you like most?

"Great classmates, large academic center with a lot of resources, opportunity to be involved in research very early, well rounded educational experience" | Report Response

"friendly" | Report Response

"Good clinical experience, physicians willing to be mentors, good prep for Step 1 and 2" | Report Response

What do you like least?

"High tuition, Albany itself is small and cold" | Report Response

"extreme cost" | Report Response

"Price" | Report Response

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