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All Questions & Responses

  • Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
  • Allopathic Medical School
  • East Lansing, MI
Individual Feedback 5 7 Responses
The Basics

Overall, how satisfied are you with this program?

Response Avg # Responders
7.14 7

0 = Terrible, 10 = World Class

What do you like most?

"The openness of the curriculum that provides students with a greater amount of dedicated time for step." | Report Response

"The university places greater emphasis on early clinical experience and has an environment that doesn’t encourage toxicity." | Report Response

"Community based program, PBL, great clinical locations and preceptors" | Report Response

"The new Grand Rapids campus is really nice." | Report Response

"Community Clinical Setting. Cooperative Nature" | Report Response

"Supportive administration, very cooperative attitude between students." | Report Response

"The supportiveness and organization. It is extremely supportive of the med students for all 4 years, and so far I have found every aspect of the program to be very well-organized." | Report Response

What do you like least?

"The early preclinical experience as an MA" | Report Response

"The curriculum they have created could use some improvement" | Report Response

"Absolutely no board (step1) prep" | Report Response

"The emphasis of the school is on primary care. Thus, administration does not help students with preparation of Step 1." | Report Response

"Lack of Emphasis on research" | Report Response

"Location couldn't be much worse. East Lansing is the grayist, dreariest place on earth." | Report Response

"The anatomy lab is atrocious--the bodies are decades old, and the willed body program is clearly either non-existent or just awful. Also the tuition is obscene." | Report Response

The Details

Does the student body seem cooperative or competitive?

Response Avg # Responders
8.67 6

0 = Competitive, 10 = Cooperative

Does the environment seem supportive for underrepresented minorities?

Response Avg # Responders
8.33 6

0 = Not at all, 10 = Very

Does the environment seem supportive for lesbian/gay/bisexual/transsexual students?

Response Avg # Responders
7.00 6

0 = Not at all, 10 = Very

Does the environment seem supportive for married students?

Response Avg # Responders
9.50 6

0 = Not at all, 10 = Very

Does the environment seem supportive for students with disabilities?

Response Avg # Responders
8.00 6

0 = Not at all, 10 = Very

Does the environment seem supportive for older/non-traditional students?

Response Avg # Responders
9.33 6

0 = Not at all, 10 = Very

Do you/did you feel well prepared for your board exams?

Response Avg # Responders
9.00 2

0 = Not at all, 10 = Very

How approachable are faculty members?

Response Avg # Responders
9.33 6

0 = Not at all, 10 = Very

What are the facilities and clinics like (old/new, well maintained, etc.)?

No responses

How do students from this program do in the Match?

No responses

Any other information you want to share?

"Research is now a huge priority and is required for all students. New research institute was also built which has a huge added value for the college." | Report Response

"Cooperative and "laid back" nature of medical students and administration was extreamly valuable in making medical education as low stress as possible" | Report Response

"Outrageously expensive as an out of state student. Worth trying to get in state status before starting. Other than that, and the location (which they can do nothing about), a good school to attend." | Report Response

"I have been extremely happy here and feel as though my school really cares about me. Unlike the way I feel about my undergraduate institution--I definitely do plan to donate as an alum once I have an established career." | Report Response

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