Corporate Partners

  • CareerBuilder
    CareerBuilder is the largest online job site in the U.S. and works with over 300,000 employers around the world. With job listings, job recommendations, a network of partners, advanced technology, and thought leadership, CareerBuilder is giving job seekers the tools they need to find the jobs they want today. The Student Doctor Network has partnered with CareerBuilder to bring you the most relevant job listings in health care.
  • DocTechMD
    DocTechMD, LLC is a medical technology innovation company founded by Dr. Francoise A. Marvel, MD, which aims to (1) develop mobile medical web and app technology innovations, (2) provide open source medical education resources.  DocTechMD is driven to continue improving the current healthcare system with technology solutions and knowledge sharing to make it easier to practice better medicine and improve patient’s outcomes.  Award-winning mobile medical app Madruga and Marvel’s Medical Black Book App is an example of DocTechMD’s mobile medical innovation campaign and will soon be releasing version 2.0 on App Store on iTunes.  DocTechMD provides open source medical education resources including medical templates, acute and common cases by-system approach, mnemonics, patient HELP (Health eating, Education, Lifestyle, Physical activity), and tips from Madruga and Marvel’s Medical Black Book App.
  • GL Advisor GL Advisor offers a unique service designed to help professional graduates efficiently manage their student loan debt while also providing broader financial advice. Due to a busy work schedule, medical residents and fellows often lack the time to fully understand repayment options available to them or stay current with new legislation. Unlike most traditional advisory firms, GL Advisor’s integrated approach to financial planning addresses both assets and liabilities which is essential to all student loan borrowers.  Clients also have access to GL’s investment advisory service.  GL Advisor’s complimentary consultation includes a review of the total student loan debt portfolio, a comparison of repayment options, estimated monthly payments, interest savings, and loan forgiveness potential. Schedule a complimentary consultation now to discuss your repayment options.
  • PreMedLife Magazine
    PreMedLife magazine is the only magazine exclusively for pre-medical students. Written entirely for students pursuing admission to medical school, the print and digital editions of PreMedLife feature content on Getting into Medical School, Taking the MCAT, Preparing for Medical School Admission Interviews, Life as a Doctor, Choosing a specialty, News Relevant to Pre-Meds, and more. In addition, PreMedLife offers online exclusive articles, social media communities, summer program listings, giveaways, and scholarship information, to create a complete and valuable experience for its pre-med audience.