About the SDN Schools Database

The Student Doctor Network offers the Health Professional Schools database as a resource for current and future health professional students.  It includes the following elements:

  • School Summary: General information on health professional schools
  • Interview Feedback: A survey where applicants can comment on their interview experiences at a particular institution
  • School Review: A survey allowing current and former students to comment on their experiences at their health professional school.  Currently available only for allopathic and osteopathic medical schools.

The results of the Interview Feedback and School Review surveys can be accessed from the Schools Database home page.  SDN is indebted to our membership for their honest feedback on their interview and school experiences.

These resources are provided as part of the Student Doctor Network’s mission to provide free and unbiased information to support students in their efforts to become health professionals.

In addition to use by pre-health students for educational planning purposes, SDN can provide access to the Interview Feedback and School Review survey results for academic research purposes.  Please contact us for additional details.

Privacy and Your Survey Responses

Though you must be an SDN member to respond to a survey, your survey feedback will NOT display your SDN member name.  School Review survey results are displayed only when three or more responses are received for a particular school in order to preserve anonymity.  Your anonymity may be lost if you choose to insert identifiable details or respond to other members’ questions or comments. 

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