About the SDN Interview Feedback Database

What is SDN’s Interview Feedback Database?

SDN’s Interview Feedback database is a crowdsourced reference containing interview questions asked at health professional schools, including medical, dental, pharmacy, podiatry, optometry, and veterinary schools. In addition to information on the specific questions asked by interviewers, the Interview Feedback database describes the interview experience at a specific school.

In addition to interview information, SDN’s database also includes reviews of schools by students, so you can get a sense of what it is like to attend a particular school.

These resources are provided as part of the Student Doctor Network’s mission to provide free and unbiased information to support students in their efforts to become health professionals.

How should you use Interview Feedback?

You can use the SDN interview feedback database as a resource to prepare for your medical, dental, or other health professional school interviews. By reading the specific questions asked in previous interviews, you can anticipate what you may be asked and prepare your responses in advance. While the questions may vary, schools often have specific themes in their questions that arise repeatedly.

In addition to the specific questions, the database provides valuable information about the interview experience at specific schools, including how stressful it was, if the school impressed students, and how well students thought they did. This can give you a sense of what to expect on your interview day, helping you feel more confident and prepared.

If your interview is in-person, the database also includes travel information that you can use to find the best places to stay.

In addition to use by pre-health students for educational planning purposes, SDN can provide access to the Interview Feedback and School Review survey results for academic research purposes. Please contact us for additional details.

Contribute to the Interview Feedback Database

Are you a medical, dental, or other health professional school student who has found Student Doctor Network’s Interview Feedback database helpful in preparing for interviews? If so, we encourage you to contribute to the database by answering the interview feedback survey for your interview experiences. Your valuable insights can help future students prepare for their interviews and make informed decisions about their education. So, take a few minutes to share your interview experience and be a part of building a better resource for students like yourself.

Privacy and Your Survey Responses

Your survey feedback will NOT display your SDN member name. School Review survey results are displayed only when three or more responses are received for a particular school in order to preserve anonymity. Your anonymity may be lost if you choose to insert identifiable details or respond to other members’ questions or comments.