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SDN welcomes partnership inquiries from organizations, businesses, and websites that share our mission of helping students become doctors and are interested in serving the members of our community. The SDN community includes pre-health students, health professional students, and practicing health providers in a number of fields such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry, psychology, audiology, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, and rehabilitation sciences.

  • Partner organizations are nonprofit, professional or governmental organizations that serve one or more of our core communities. Most commonly selected organizations have long-established histories or are IRS recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.
  • Partner sites are selected based on usefulness, presentation, and frequency of updates.  We do not partner with sites which primarily sell a product or service or sites which offer features or forums that duplicate our existing member forums and services. Partner sites must prominently link back to SDN. Artwork for this purpose will be provided free of charge to approved partner sites.
  • Corporate partners are businesses, corporations, and commercial sites who wish to collaborate with SDN to reach and provide information to the members of the our community. This collaboration is achieved through cooperation on special events, by providing useful content for our members, and by offering special discounts and promotions to the members of the SDN community.

We focus primarily on partnering with other non-profit or educational-focused organizations that provide students with unique resources that will benefit their careers. Please wait until you have been established for at least one year before contacting SDN about partnership opportunities.

If you think you may be a good fit for a partnership, please fill out our partnership application here.

Here are a few other ways, beyond partnerships, that you can collaborate with SDN:

You can submit article content to SDN. We suggest you email your article ideas to [email protected] before submitting the content itself to make sure the topic fits current editorial needs.

You can apply to become an exhibitor and set up your own forum in the Exhibition ForumsContact us to learn more.

Finally, you can also collaborate with us through a sponsorship. Find additional information about sponsorship here.