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Interview Feedback

Individual Response

  • Eastern Virginia Medical School
  • Allopathic Medical School
  • Norfolk
The Basics

What was the zip code of your residence in high school?


Overall, how satisfied are you with this program?

5 out of 10

What do you like most?

"The system of honors/high pass/pass/fail fosters a team learning environment where people will post study guides, helpful material from the masters program. You'll have a class of very unique people from different backgrounds - so get to know the ones that you do get along with and stick with them." Report Response

What do you like least?

"Random scheduling. Some days you have class starting at 9, othertimes it's 8, 10, 11. Sometimes, it's mandatory and other times it's scheduled for online lectures. The online lectures vary in quality - can be very well done or very poorly executed and you end up having to use the powerpoint/objectives and finding your own resources to learn it yourself (google, textbooks, etc)." Report Response

The Details

How approachable are faculty members?

6 out of 10

Any other information you want to share?

"The school itself is pretty small; testing center opened in 2015 is 0.5-0.6 miles from the actual campus so getting to tests the day of - you have to drive over and just park on nearby residential neighborhoods. It's a hassle compared to the old system: where tests are held on campus, you bring your own laptops into the lecture room and take the proctored exam (you have much more time before/after to study on campus or prepare for class after exams)." Report Response

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