Minorities and the MCAT

minorities and the mcat

The MCAT looms large on the horizon of many would-be medical students – and there is a lot of anxiety over choosing preparation courses and books and in finding different ways to achieve the highest score possible. And there is good reason for this – a poor or mediocre MCAT score can close the doors of many medical schools.
For students who are minorities and/or coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, however, the MCAT can seem even more intimidating. Part of this is that students from underserved communities can lack the study skills and strong science background that is needed to do well on this test. There is also the cost of preparatory courses and testing fees that can act as a barrier to students’ ambitions to become a doctor if they are coming from a low-income background.
This article covers why increasing diversity in medicine is important – and what the AAMC and individual medical schools are doing to help remove the MCAT as a barrier to students from a minority and/or underserved background.

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