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The National Prevention Strategy:...

Created 01.30.15 by Brian Wu

The Affordable Care Act is about far more than health insurance reform, though this the one aspect of the bill that has gotten the most media coverage. With... VIEW >


Humane Medicine

Created 01.28.15 by Kevin Dueck

Republished with permission from here. “What can you do here that we can’t do at home?” This question angered my resident. How dare a patient... VIEW >


20 Questions: Kent A. Kiehl, PhD

Created 01.26.15 by Juliet Farmer

Dr. Kent Kiehl is an associate professor in the department of psychology at the University of New Mexico. He received a bachelor’s degree in psychology with... VIEW >


Budgeting in Medical School: Does It...

Created 01.23.15 by Brent Schnipke

Medical students deal with a lot of scary things: frequent do-or-die exams, looming USMLE or COMLEX tests, and being responsible for a patient’s care or the... VIEW >

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An Introvert’s Survival Guide: How to function (and flourish) in medical school as an introvert

Posted 11.17.14 by Megan Riddle, MD PhD

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” - Aristotle Even at the time, I realized it was an exquisitely simple task: I had to walk into the... VIEW >


Wounded Healers: Depression in Medical School

Posted 11.26.14 by Ajay Koti, Columnist at in-Training

        Kaitlyn Elkins was a medical student at the Wake Forest School of Medicine in North Carolina and a member of the... VIEW >

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