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Medical, +1 MORE

Summer is a great time to get medically related experience, which can be an important piece of a medical school application. You can volunteer, shadow a doctor... VIEW >


Marriage in Medical School: A Memoir (So...

Created 03.02.15 by Brent Schnipke

During my senior year of college, I asked my girlfriend to marry me. We had been together for almost three years and planned to get married the following... VIEW >

IOTW-SDN small

Image of the Week - Erythema Multiforme This pediatric patient presented with symptoms of a fever, upper respiratory tract infection and new... VIEW >


Of Capacity and Communication

Created 02.27.15 by Megan Riddle, MD PhD

I am about 45 minutes from the end of my night float shift, that dangerous hour all residents learn to wait through with baited breath, when my pager goes off... VIEW >

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Six Ways for Applicants to Find a Happy Medium with Social Media

Posted 12.03.14 by The AAMC Pre-Med Team

You know that people judge your character based on your behavior or appearance in an in-person interview. But what does the online you tell them? Hint: it’s... VIEW >


How International Experiences Can Enrich Your Studies as a Pre-Health Student

Posted 11.21.14 by Marissa Sutera

You’ve volunteered. You get good grades. You’ve shadowed doctors. You’ve done everything you can to be a great student and ideal candidate for... VIEW >

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