Another Test Anxiety Killer, Physician Bias, and Suspicious Meat

Her snacks were delicious, but you’ll never guess her secret ingredient.

Irisa Mahaparn, Tony Rosenberg, Aline Sandouk, and Rachel Schenkel—a crew of rising M3s and an MD/PhD candidate—were on hand this time to help answer some listener questions. Arman writes in to give us his method for combating test anxiety, and Jen wants to know what med students learn about physicians’ bias against obese patients. Plus, our Short Coat Podcast keyfob giveaway is still kicking–listen to find out how to get one of your very own for free.

But first, Irisa has strong feels about her local community supported agriculture subscription, so she made us some snacks. Most of them were delicious. One of them was…well, surprising is a word for that one, given Dave’s reaction.

This Week in Medical News

Dave learned this week about one company that says cockroach milk is a superfood.

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