10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Medical Students

gift ideas for medical students

If you’re down to the wire holiday shopping for the doctor-in-training in your life—or looking for ideas to send the aunt who keeps asking for your Christmas list—take a look at these suggestions from Student Doctor Network. Check out the full list on Amazon for dental and veterinary ideas as well!

1. Pens

Medical students seem to be chronically short on pens. Give your student something unique, like these bone pens, so they can easily identify them. Or prepare them to be generous with every pen-lacking attending and classmate—this bulk box of misprinted pens will make sure they are never left hunting for something to write with. 

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2. Coffee

Stereotypical, but for good reason! Many future doctors are fueled by caffeine. Give your coffee drinker a treat with a fun assortment of sample coffees and a clever mug, or offer extra convenience with this coffee maker that provides the option of making a single cup or a whole pot. 

3. Wall Art

Keep your student’s walls looking classy with some practical anatomy posters or some unique artwork showcasing their interests, like a colorful brain print on upcycled dictionary pages or this beautiful DNA Tree of Life watercolor print.

4. Pandemic

In this board game players compete against the game itself, working together to save the world from an outbreak of deadly diseases. The collaborative nature of the game makes Pandemic a fun way to get to know other people, great for a new student.

5. Sunrise Alarm Clock

Even when their schedule means they have to get up hours before daybreak, students can set this alarm clock to mimic the sunrise and help them wake up less groggy and more ready to start the day.

6. T-Shirts

Clever t-shirts are available for every occasion, and medical school is no exception. Shirts are available for everyone, from this one declaring that the wearer is not a Miss or a Mrs, but a Dr. to this one demonstrating the daily cycle of med student life. And for everyone who needs a little reassurance, this shirt lets everyone know it’s going tibia okay.

7. Socks

For some more discreet apparel, check out these medical socks for men and women. And for students on their feet during clinical rotations, even compression socks can show off a little personality.

8. Leather Messenger Bag

For the gifter with a larger budget, this leather messenger bag will fit a laptop and study materials for the daily grind, but looks classy enough for professional occasions.

9. Reading Material

For the student who dreams of world travel, National Geographic Traveler magazine provides some escapist reading that makes for a great study break. And anyone who loves NPR (or just loves great stories!) will appreciate the collection of inspirational short stories in The Moth Presents All These Wonders: True Stories About Facing The Unknown.

10. Anatomy Coloring Books

Combine learning with relaxing fun and pick up The Anatomy Coloring Book (or this Netter’s version) and some nice colored pencils.

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