Resources That You Need to Succeed As A Future Psychologist

Last Updated on October 18, 2023 by Laura Turner

Congratulations on pursuing the route to be a psychologist! This journey may not be linear, but like the human mind, it can be enlightening. In order to support you on this journey and to guide you towards success, we have done the research and compiled some resources to help you succeed. 

Learn Psychology

Finding easy to access and free resources as a psychologist in training is made easier if you have a starting point. This resource is one that we like, as it offers information on other valuable resources in categories including Academic/Education, Psychology Subjects, etc. Coupled with our article, this will get you started in the right direction for success.

About the Ads

The American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association (APA) offers student resources, including guidance on career development, with a specific section for LGTBQ students. Another benefit of this resource is that it is there for you every step of your career from your days as a student to those as a practicing psychologist, offering guidance every step of the way.

Very Well Mind

This resource dedicated to your development offers the latest news in an easy to access format. Staying informed will enable you to become a more informed psychologist and enable you to apply what you learn in school. This free resource ensure that everyone from psychology students to psychiatrists can benefit from it, with sections like mental health news and coronavirus news.  

Psychology Tools

Among their free resources offered, Psychology Tools offers free and downloadable and easy to follow content for therapies, such as CBT worksheets, guidance, and audio resources in different languages. With a great visual and written component, this resource will not only benefit you as a psychologist in training/psychologist but also enable you to better educate your patients.

American Board of Professional Psychology

This free resource offered by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) will provide the basic and essential information that you for specialty board certification in psychology. Regardless of whether you need information on state licensure requirements or financial compensation, this is a great starting point and point of reference.

Psychology News

As a subset of Science Daily, Psychology News is “your source for the latest research news.” You can never have enough sources of quality research, and this free resource should rank highly in your list. You can easily obtain information about current events, treatment interventions, and clinical diagnoses. With limited time to waste as a student and psychologist, this resource is there to help you maximize your efficiency.

The Psychology Podcast with Scott Barry Kaufman

Have you thought of how you can learn while on the go? Why not also find an engaging way to do so? Then you are in luck, as we have found the right podcast for you! The Psychology Podcast with Scott Barry Kaufman is not only interesting, but also combines the latest research with specialist feedback on a variety of topics, including the human mind and behavior.

American Psychological Association of Graduate Students

As a psychologist in training, especially as a student, it is critical that you find professional guidance and support. Enter the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS). They serve to help you with finding mentors, grants, research, and much more.

Financial Expenditure Evaluation for Students

Managing student loans and finances can not only be stressful, but also confusing. APA courtesy of its Financial Expenditure Evaluation for Students (FEES) offers clear and informative information for students studying to be psychologists to guide them in this process, giving you control of your finances.

Student Doctor Network’s Psychology Forums

If you need a resource for everything from general advice to support, then the SDN psychology forums are for you! You can find the necessary information and support that you need, with subforums like GRE, Mental Health and Social Welfare, and Psychology. Additionally, you can not only receive support but also give support and advice as you gain experience, giving back.

The journey to become a psychiatrist will be empowering. These resources have been curated to help support and guide you to achieve success as a psychiatrist. You can do it, and please don’t ever doubt that!