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  • How Has the ACA Changed Healthcare?

  • Created February 9, 2016 by Brian Wu
  • The Affordable Care Act–the signature legislation of the Obama administration and one of the most contentious bills to be passed in years–was signed into being on March of 2010 and since that time most of its key passages have been implemented despite the attempts of opponents to walay it legislatively or in court. Since every...VIEW >
  • States Looking For More Effective Ways To Encourage Vaccinations

  • Created September 19, 2015 by Michelle Andrews
  • When kids start school this fall, it’s a sure bet that some won’t have had their recommended vaccines because their parents have claimed exemptions from school requirements for medical, religious or philosophical reasons. Following the much publicized outbreak of measles that started in Disneyland in California in December, these exemptions have drawn increased scrutiny. That outbreak, which eventually...VIEW >

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