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  • Bropocalypse 2017

  • Created December 8, 2017 by The Short Coat Podcast
  • The national #MeToo conversation continues Dave found himself hosting with another group of women, so what better time to talk about #MeToo and the powerful people being taken down by their sexual harassment and abuse of their less-powerful victims?  Erin Pazaski, Hillary O’Brien, Laura Quast, and Liza Mann weigh in on why this seems to...VIEW >
  • Helping Your Kids Connect With Their Medical Parent

  • Created December 7, 2017 by Amy Rakowczyk
  • You’ve probably seen numerous articles discussing the medical marriage and what to expect during training. However, another aspect of medical life that often goes overlooked is when children are part of the medical family. While there might be a good amount of advice out there for maintaining and strengthening your connection as a couple (please...VIEW >
  • More Surgery for Better Global Health: Dr. Mark Shrime

  • Created December 1, 2017 by The Short Coat Podcast
  • Is surgery too expensive for global health? Mark Shrime is an otolaryngologist (and American Ninja Warrior competitor) who may just be on the leading edge of change in the way global health sees surgery.  In this conversation with Tony Mai, Amanda Manorot, Brian Wall, and Hadeal Ayoub, Dr. Shrime argues that the way surgery is...VIEW >
  • Do you recognize these cutaneous findings?

  • Created December 1, 2017 by Figure 1
  • An otherwise healthy 50-year-old male presents to his new family physician with a rash he’s had for several years. He mentions that the skin eruption becomes erythematous and pruritic after exercising, and when he scratches it. On examination, reddish-brown freckle-like macules are seen on his upper extremities, back, and abdomen. A skin biopsy reveals an...VIEW >
  • What You Should Know about the ACME Initiative

  • Created November 29, 2017 by Brian Wu
  • In 2013, the American Medical Association, in response to demands from the medical community, developed their Accelerated Change in Medical Education (ACME) Initiative – and while some medical students may not have heard of this program, others at participating medical schools have already felt its impact or will in the future. Here is what every...VIEW >
  • [Video] What is Alzheimer Disease?

  • Created November 28, 2017 by Open Osmosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease is well-known for its impact not only on the person with the disease but on their family and caregivers as well. But what is it exactly? Alzheimer’s (Alzheimer) disease is a neurodegenerative disease that leads to symptoms of dementia. Progression of Alzheimer’s disease is thought to involve an accumulation of beta-amyloid plaque and...VIEW >

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