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On Moving Across the Country for Medical Training


Moving across the country for medical school was the scariest thing I ever did – and the best thing I ever did

I looked out the window as the plane touched down on the runway. I heard the gentleman next to me ask, “So what brings you to Kentucky?” I didn’t know if he assumed I was a visitor because I looked so curious peering outside at the very green landscape or he caught a glance of my “Kentucky” guide book half peeking out of my purse. I smiled and told him I had come for an interview.

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Switching Specialties: Why It’s Never Too Late to Try Something Different

switching specialties

“So if you don’t mind me asking, why did you make the switch?”

I get that question quite often. I honestly never grow tired of answering it because that’s always when I launch into what rekindled my spark for being a physician.

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