Division of Labor: How to Keep a Household Running While Your Spouse is In Training

Medical Spouse

By Amy Rakowczyk, SDN Staff Writer

One of the biggest challenges that arises during medical school is actually all of the non-medical school “stuff”: namely, household duties and chores. How much help can you expect from your spouse in this regard, and how will you divide up the duties?

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Six Things to Remember While Parenting in Medical School

Does parenting during medical school have you suffering from chronic guilt? Medical students are by nature high-achievers, and for those of us who are parents, it is no different when it comes to evaluating our success at raising our children. So how do you cope with feeling like you are always fighting off the self-inflicted blame of leaving little ones behind? Looking back on my now almost-four-years of medical school, here are some things I have come to accept as I paired being a professional student with being the best mommy I could be.

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