Want to Skip the MCAT? Check Out These Programs

skip the MCAT

The increasing demands of pre-medical coursework and activities has begun to limit the ability of potential medical students to pursue dedicated interests outside of these requirements. Because of this there is an increasing trend towards medical schools loosening up on their “prerequisite” courses and now only having “expectations”. Ironically, this coincides with the release of the new MCAT 2015 which requires a broader knowledge base including courses in psychology and biochemistry, which by default increases premedical requirements. One option to avoid the MCAT is an early assurance program (EAP). EAPs are competitive programs allowing undergraduate sophomores and juniors who are dedicated to a future in medicine to apply early to medical school and often, but not always, skip taking the MCAT examination. From the perspective of the medical school this allows the applicant to spend more time developing interests outside of the premedical requirements. These are not BA or BS/MD programs. These are programs that you apply to once you are already an undergraduate student at a 4 year program.

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