An Introduction to Clinical Practice Guidelines – What They Are and Why You Should Care

clinical practice guidelines

Clinical practice guidelines are essentially the Wikipedia of the medical world and are important to students for a number of reasons:

  1. Guidelines save you time, by saving you from reviewing thousands of articles
  2. Guidelines can help you study and perform well on clinical rotations
  3. Guidelines are important for CME/keeping up your license
  4. Guidelines help protect you from litigation and may be tied to reimbursement

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Should Medical Students be Sued for Malpractice?

An Ongoing Dialogue Between Medicine and Law
It is no wonder why medical schools across the country are teaching their students more and more about medical malpractice suits and how best to protect themselves against them. As of 2014, in most states, liability for medical malpractice does extend to medical students at an important phase in their medical education, when they are getting hands-on clinical experience for the first time. And although in most cases, settlements are covered under the malpractice insurance that medical schools purchase for their students, it is theoretically possible, at least, that a student could be sued personally for amounts exceeding that malpractice coverage.

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