Six Ways for Applicants to Find a Happy Medium with Social Media

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The Value of Social Media for Medical Students

In an increasingly digital world in which patients and physicians turn to the web for personal and professional reasons, it is to a medical student, and premedical student’s advantage to make themselves as visible as possible.
There is a tremendous amount of hesitation among pre-professional and professional students of all kinds when it comes to their presence on social media, primarily because we’re afraid of it costing us a future opportunity. You don’t have to look far on the internet to hear stories of stupid mistakes costing people big time opportunities.
Without a doubt, you should take your activity seriously and do your best to not be any less careless with your words on the web as you are in real life. They’re still you’re words and you’re still responsible for them. Words can be used to heal or hurt, so be careful where you point them.

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