A Med Student Guide: Top 10 Best Medical Podcasts To Stay In The Loop

Last Updated on June 22, 2022 by Laura Turner

The medical field never stops evolving from new advances to new technology and new methods. Aside from this, it’s undeniable that the stories the profession brings, as well as the exciting industry news, make medical podcasts informative as well as entertaining.

As you may know, podcasts have been around for quite some time, but recently there’s been a podcast boom. Some are even referring to it as the “podcast renaissance”. It’s like the good ole times of listening to the radio but now you get to pick exactly what topic you’re interested in listening to.

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Read on to find out about the top ten best medical podcasts so you can stay in the loop of everything that’s happening in the industry.

The Short Coat podcast

This is ideal for those who are just about to get into medical school or already are attending. Get a real glimpse into what the medical career looks like thanks to medical students at the University of Iowa and their co-host Dave Etler.

Louise Barton, a writer at Liahelp and OXEssays praises the short coat podcast- “the great thing about this podcast is that they have episodes discussing things like mental health during medical school and talk about all the sacrifices some have had to make to succeed; it’s fantastic content”.

The Second opinion podcast

Focused on topical issues and usually no longer than five minutes long, this podcast is short, sweet, and straight to the point. They’re focused on rethinking American health and can offer very useful insights for medical students.

The University of Aberdeen’s Medical Unit podcast

As a podcast especially designed for undergraduate students, this podcast focuses on core topics that are essential to build a strong foundation. This podcast’s aim is to prepare you for the road ahead, give you helpful insights and keep you interested in the medical industry as a whole.

The Graduate Medical Education podcast

This podcast is unique in its nature and a must for anybody in the medical profession. Graduate medical education focuses on taking care of yourself as a physician. Constantly being the caregiver can be very draining and sometimes it’s difficult to take a look inward and listen to your own needs. Tune into this podcast to discuss a plethora of topics surrounding the issue of caring for the caregiver.

The Undifferentiated Medical Student podcast

Are you not sure what specialty to choose after completing your degree? This podcast will help you make a decision and start planning your medical career. This podcast is hosted by fourth-year medical student Ian Drummond, and during the podcast, he offers clarity to students that feel lost in their career path by interviewing specialists in various medical fields about the nature of their jobs, their ups, and downs, and generally what its like to work in a specific specialized field.

Mark Pooley, a medical blogger at State Of Writing and Boomessays tells us- “the physician interviews in this podcast offer great insights, it’s an engaging and helpful way to learn about a specialty”.

The Clinical Problem Solvers podcast

Did you ever watch Doctor House on the TV show House MD and feel fascinated by his ability to diagnose rare diseases and complicated cases? Diagnosing ailments is a huge part of the medical field, and in The Clinical Problem Solvers podcast, you’ll discover expert opinions on diagnostic reasoning. This podcast will help you become a better problem solver by analyzing different cases and building a network to become better at diagnosis.

The Surviving Medicine podcast

Founded by a group of medical and research students, they interview medical professionals and discuss a range of topics within the medical field and medical education, including the future of certain practices in the healthcare industry. This podcast offers great insights into the beauty of a career in medicine despite the sacrifices, ups, and downs. The world of medicine is vast, tune into this podcast to widen your horizons on what you can do in the medical industry and where your career can take you.

The TEDTalks: Science and Medicine podcast

As the behemoth of online discussion, a TEDTalk always makes it onto the list. This podcast is a very exciting platform where some of the greatest doctors, physicians, and medical researchers in the world share their discoveries and their vision. If you want to feel truly inspired by the work of others in the profession, tune into this podcast!

The 2 Docs Talk podcast

If you’re interested in current issues in medicine and health policy, then this podcast is for you. Hosts Kendall Britt MD and Amy Rogers MD will give you a short and sweet fifteen-minute catch-up on current medical concerns based on the latest medical data, and the policymaking that goes behind every medical decision. This podcast is not only relevant for medical students and aspiring doctors, but also for the consumer, so they can be better equipped to pair with their doctors and make better healthcare decisions.

The Everyday Emergency podcast

As you know, the medical profession extends through a variety of settings and not everything takes place in a hospital. In this podcast, you’ll get the opportunity to listen to true stories from people in the front line of humanitarian emergencies across the world. This podcast is run by the well-known non-profit organization Doctors Without Borders. You’ll get insights not only about the medical emergencies and how they’re tackled but also the limitations and pressure that these physicians work under. It’s a fantastic podcast to gain some perspective on the profession as a whole and stay tuned to current world health issues.


Overall, a career in the medical industry is a huge undertaking that involves a lot of effort, with a lot of highs and a lot of lows. If you’re just about getting ready to start, or neck-deep into it, these podcasts can be a great way to stay in the know and gain some new interesting, and helpful insights.