Recess Rehash: Bropocalypse 2017


[Dave had the flu on recording day, so we’re posting this awesome episode from the recent past.  Enjoy!]

Dave found himself hosting with another group of women, so what better time to talk about #MeToo and the powerful people being taken down by their sexual harassment and abuse of their less-powerful victims? Erin Pazaski, Hillary O’Brien, Laura Quast, and Liza Mann weigh in on why this seems to have staying power in the news cycle, and why it seems to destroy some powerful men and not others. Plus, since this is a group of friends who, through med school, have come to know each other well, Dave challenges each to answer questions as their friends would.

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How Med Student Parents Make It Happen

Can you be a parent while you’re in medical school?

Listener Courtney, a 26-year-old mother of three wants to know if her med school dream is even possible.  Obviously this is a two-part question since there are both moms and dads to consider, so we’ll have a mom on a future show to help.  But first, Gabe Conley, Marissa Evers, Joyce “Spicy” Wahba, and Kaci McCleary invited 2004 CCOM grad Dr. Tom McNalley on the show to represent the dads.  Tom was 39 with three kids of his own and a wife who was working towards her PhD when he entered med school.  We’ll find out how they did it.

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What’s in Your iTunes? Podcasts for the Medically Minded

Whether your goal is education or entertainment, there is likely a medically oriented podcast out there you will enjoy. I’ve included here a sampling of the ones I found most useful or enjoyable, grouped by type. The first are geared towards the present task at hand – surviving medical school in general, clerkships in particular. The second group can help you learn more about your future specialties of interest. The last section takes a broader look at the world of medicine, tackling issues from recent scientific breakthroughs to medical ethics – those topics you feel you should be keeping up on, but who has the time? If you have other podcasts you have found helpful or insightful, please share them via the comments link at the bottom.

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